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Watie First Anniversary: Collections & Exclusive Raya Preview

WATIE FIRST ANNIVERSARY by Watie Collections Sdn Bhd
through 1-Night Runway Shows

WATIE FIRST ANNIVERSARY (WFA), a project by Watie Collections Sdn Bhd welcomes our VVIP, artist, personal shopper, and loyal/regular customer to the Muzium Negara on 7th April 2018.

Watie First Anniversary: Collections | Exclusive Raya Preview – PART 2

The one-night event, happening on 7th April 2018, is organised by Watie Collections Sdn Bhd. WFA is the first owned fashion show event that being held to celebrate our first year in Malaysia fashion industry. The fashion show dedicated for fashion and lifestyle sector in the country especially for the Semanis Lebaran 2018 seasons.

The fashion show features fashion and apparel as our main point. WFA will showcase the Semanis Lebaran 2018 collection. VVIP and other guests can expect a series of delightful catwalks shows, realising WFA’s goals to bring fashion and public players together. Guests also can expect to see fabulous designs from our local in-house designers.

Themed as “Semanis Lebaran 2018” will highlight designs for Eid Festival on upcoming June 2018. In overall, the design not only foucs for Eid Festival, but it can be styling/wearing through other festival or event. Main highlight/concept is the modern showcasing high-fashion Muslim Muslimat and modest- wear.

Watie First Anniversary: Collections | Exclusive Raya Preview: PART 1

About Watie

Watie Collections | Exclusive was founded on November 2016 and fully operated on February 2017. The new local brand that focus on Ready-to-Wear collections consists not only for womenswear but we also provide for menswear and kidswear. Our collections suitable for everyone. Our price range starting from affordable to high-end range.

Soon, we already decided to extend our brand which is not only focus on ready-to-wear but we open for those who interested to custom their own attire with the sense of our designer’s touch. We also provide wedding package, bridesmaids and groomsman package and also family package.

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Persembahan Dayang Nurfaizah di Fashion Show Watie Collections

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