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Video Fattah Anas Trending di Youtube Malaysia

Berikut adalah antara 5 video yang trending di Youtube Malaysia

1. Сhіеvо Vеrоnа vs Јuvеntus 2−3 – All Gоals & Extеndеd Hіghlіghts – 2018

The exciting match between the two teams had fans holding their breaths as Cristiano Ronaldo made his Serie A debut for Juventus and helped them snag a 3-2 victory.


Inspired by a true tale, the team behind ASA Productions released a short film about a young student who was bullied in school for his bad skin before regaining his confidence after seeing a skin specialist.

3. Ternyata Begini, Sebelum Joni Panjat Tiang

Malaysians watched in awe as a clip taken at Indonesia’s Independence Day celebration saw Joni, a young teenager climbing up the flagpole to untangle the stuck flag during the flag raising ceremony.

4. Fattah Anas Kucing paling VIRAL yang makan bihun di Malaysia muncul di MeleTOP | Nabil, Elfira Loy

Rising to internet fame after his doting father uploaded a clip of his son pretending to be a cat, Fattah Anas further charmed netizens with his cute demeanor by singing and talking to the hosts of MeleTOP.

5. Things We Did In Class As Kids (90s) Part 1

Ling BigYong returns with yet another slapstick skit about the funny and awkward things kids did in schools during the 90s, with appearances from familiar faces such as Dennis Lim and Wong Pang Zhen.

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