Leave Nothing but The Smell With Vein Perfume Range

Having the ultimate desire to have such a great smell at all times regardless of where you are, especially when living under the scorchingly warm weather makes everyone prefer any perfumes not only with authentic smell but also long-lastingness.

As the economic predicament factors in one’s choices for affordably and reasonably priced perfumes, maintaining the great quality and authenticity of each signature smell is also of equally important for purchases with great values.

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VEIN, a new and grown-up company with an attainable ambition to take health and beauty products to another different level that caters perfectly to everyone’s needs, vehemently understands the needs of everyone to pleasantly smell fresh and great at all times.

VEIN assures and delivers this promise to everyone not only with affordable prices but also with an assured degree and indisputable level of great quality for the smells of sensuality, sexiness, joyfulness and masculinity which are personified characteristics elegantly bottled in each of our products.

VEIN introduces inspired perfumes from designer’s brands that crafted with an unwavering eye and attention to details with our compliant in-house manufacturing to business standards in order to maintain and monitor the end quality of our products. It also delivers only selected and premium quality fragrance oil, lavishly imported from the land of Monarchy, beautiful England, carefully handmade with love to provide a touch of a kind from VEIN.

Vein No.2 Art-01

Ingrained in a bottle of elegance with its masterfully-crafted designs, VEIN’s perfumes are made for posh and lavish spirit to be used during daylight and at night-time. Enduring every day’s lives with travel and pocket-sized as well as Muslim-prayers-friendly perfumes, makes VEIN your only ultimate choice.

VEIN’s secret ingredient? It doubles the fragrance concentration to maintain the smell of the perfumes to be long-lasting up to 8 hours. So, that u can smell great all-day long without any frowning worries.

VEIN has also been certified by Melaka Biotechnology Corporation for Chemical Test and passed all the tests.

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