Sekitar Hari Kedua Toyota GAZOO Racing Festival di Johor Bahru

The highly anticipated third series of the inaugural Toyota GAZOO Racing (TGR) Racing Festival attracted 17,000 event attendees and experienced an exhilarating two day family affair here at Medini City, Johor Bahru.

The racing festival was the talk of the town with the participation of professional racers as well as A-list celebrity drivers such as Fattah Amin, Diana Danielle, Janna Nick, Shukri Yahaya, Geraldine Gan, Danny Koo, Shawn Lee and Venice Min.

Fans found themselves immersed in a unique automobile festival while getting up close and personal with their favourite celebrities, drift shows by Masato Kawabata and Takahiro Imamura, food truck fare, live dances and cheerleading performances, car club parades, stage performances by artists, games and many more.

Seizing a happy moment, Muhammad Haye Nafiqi bin Saidi, a lucky winner travelled all the way to Medini City over the weekend to catch all the action and receive his grand prize, a brand-new sporty Toyota Vios SE that is worth over RM85,000.00 and proudly presented by the Deputy Chairman, Mr Akio Takeyama and General Manager Marketing Division, Mr Mohd. Affendi Kairon from UMW Toyota.

Elevating the experience of festive-goers, Toyota Fun Ride gave 410 cyclists an unforgettable time cycling on the race track. This fun activity was organized by Happy-Riders Connect and Toyota to promote a safe and green cycling community.

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[L-R] Diana Danielle, Fattah Amin, Janna Nick, Shawn Lee, Geraldine Gan and Shukri Yahaya entertaining their fans at the Grid Walk Stand.

Shawn Lee Celebrates Number 1 After Beating Fattah Amin

Shawn Lee celebrates number 1 after beating Fattah Amin in Race 1 – Promotional Class yesterday.

Fattah Amin celebrating his 3rd place for Promotional Class yesterday.

Crowd Enjoying Their Food At The Food Truck Fare

Crowds enjoying their scrumptious meal at the food truck fare

Crowd Is Happily Cycling On The Race Track

Crowd happily cycling on the car race track

Toyo Drift Show By Masato Kawabata And Takahiro Imamura

Toyo Drift Show by Masato Kawabata and Takahiro Imamura.


[L-R] Danny Koo and Diana Danielle signing their autograph during the Meet & Greet session. Janna Nick with her adoring fans.

Cheerleading And Dance Performance During The Opening Ceremony

Cheerleading and dance performances during the opening ceremony

Ejen Ali And Comot Entertaining Their Fans In The Showroom.

Ejen Ali and Comot entertaining their fans in the showroom.

[F-B] A Group Shot Of Promotional Class, Sporting Class And Super Sporting Class With The President Umw Toyota, Mr, Ravindran K. And Deputy Chairman Umw Toyota, Akio Takeyama During The Opening Ceremony.

[F-B] A group shot of Promotional Class, Sporting Class and Super Sporting Class with President UMW Toyota, Mr, Ravindran K. and Deputy Chairman UMW Toyota, Akio Takeyama during the opening ceremony.

Diana Danielle Is Excited To Be Here At Toyota Gazoo Racing In Medini City.

Diana Danielle is excited to be here at Toyota Gazoo Racing in Medini City.

Venice Min Waving At Her Fans After Qualifying The Race.

Venice Min big smiles after qualifying the race.

Shukri Yahaya Had Another Good Race With A Fine Podium Finish

Shukri Yahaya is all pumped up to start his 2nd Race today at Toyota GAZOO Racing Festival.

Media Prima “Drama Sangat Tour” Celebrities Performing Inside The Toyota Showroom

Media Prima “Drama Sangat Tour” celebrities performing inside the Toyota Showroom.

[L-R] Muhammad Haye Nafiqi Bin Saidin, The Winner Of Toyota Gazoo Racing Lucky Draw Receives His Grand Prize From Deputy Chairman Of Umw Toyota Motor, Mr Akio Takeyama Accompanied By General Manager Marketing Division, Mr Mohd.affendi Kairon.

[L-R] Muhammad Haye Nafiqi bin Saidin, the winner of Toyota Vios SE Receives his mock key from Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor, Mr Akio Takeyama accompanied by General Manager Marketing Division, Mr Mohd.Affendi Kairon.

[L-R] Shukri Yahaya, Shawn Lee And Fattah Amin, The Top 3 Winners From Promotional Class.

[L-R] Shukri Yahaya, Shawn Lee and Fattah Amin, the top 3 winners from Promotional Class.

All Celebrities And Professional Drivers On The Main Stage During The Prize Giving Ceremony.

All celebrities and professional drivers on the main stage during the Prize Giving Ceremony.

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