Thirty Seconds To Mars Exclusive Album Preview Party

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]niversal Music Malaysia treated members of the media, local bands and celebrities to an evening of an exclusive album preview party of Thirty Seconds to Mars’ brand new album LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS.

The party held at the 34th floor of the Heli Lounge Bar at Menara KH brought guests to experience a listening party of a lifetime. With the venue furnished with special Boeing 737 cabin seats, a Boeing 747 turbine turned DJ console as well as a sunset on the building’s helipad, it was an event that fitted the band’s single theme of “Up in The Air”.

Thirty Seconds To Mars Exclusive Album Preview Party

Mr. Khoo Hsien Li, Senior Business Development Manager of Universal Music Malaysia said:

“Since Universal Music merged with EMI Records, Thirty Seconds To Mars is the first EMI release by Universal Music.”

In tie with the title of Thirty Seconds to Mars’ first single from the album, “Up In The Air”, the band literally launched this single into space. In partnership with NASA, “Up In The Air” was sent to the International Space Station and had a ground breaking premiere from the astronauts in orbit 230 miles above Earth.

Mr. Khoo added “We could not have asked for a better place to hold this event. Seeing that Thirty Seconds to Mars launched their single into space, we figured we could have the listening party as close to space as we could; on a helipad bar.”

Members of the media, bands, celebrities and guests had the privilege of going through a preview session of five songs from band’s album LOVE LUST FAITH +DREAMS. The songs were ‘CITY OF ANGELS’, ‘CONQUISTADOR’, ‘BRIGHT LIGHTS’, ‘THE RACE’ and of course the single ‘UP IN THE AIR’. The preview session started with an impressive video clip taking everyone through the journey of Thirty Seconds To Mars in their music career.

In a video interview played at the event, Jared Leto described this album to be a complete transformation.

Nazrin of S.O.G said that 30 Seconds to Mars have always been an inspiration to the band since S.O.G saw them live at the 2011 MTV World Stage. “Their songs always have a deep meaning and their video clips are just indescribable. This album no doubt will be just as good. Kudos to Universal Music Malaysia for bringing us ‘Up In The Air’.

“Everyone knows Thirty Seconds To Mars. Everyone knows their music. I’ve heard Jared Leto since before Thirty Seconds to Mars came about and to see what they have achieved today, it’s simply amazing,” said Neves of Pretty Ugly.

In addition to the launch, Mr Khoo encouraged members of the media and guests to check out Thirty Seconds To Mars’ music on the music streaming service, Spotify as Jared Leto will be releasing a new piece of exclusive interview everyday, namely 12 DAYS OR MARS.

“Spotify is a new and improved way to support streaming original and legal music. This of course helps to contribute to the music industry as well as to the musicians. This authorized music streaming portal is now available for free subscriptions.”

There to witness the event also included band members from Pop Shuvit, One Buck Short, They Will Kill Us All, Pretty Ugly and S.O.G (aka Sekumpulan Orang Gila). Guests were also entertained with the emcee of the event, Moots of Pop Shuvit along with a DJ set by B-Rock from and Rahul of One Buck Short.

LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS is the bands fourth studio record and now available on CD, digital downloads and music streaming.

Written by Budiey

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