The Real NCIS

Program Title: The Real NCIS (New Series)
Telecast date: Every Monday, 4 April 2011
Telecast Time: 9pm
Channel: Astro, Channel 732

Program synopsis:
The Real NCIS is a non-scripted documentary series which follows the real-life agents who inspired the successful international hit TV drama, NCIS. Set against the backdrop of Navy ships, sailors, and operations, NCIS detectives are charged with investigating any crime committed within the province of the US Navy anywhere in the world. When it comes to solving crimes, the NCIS does what the FBI, CIA and DEA do in the civilian world, as they seek justice and solve the most thrilling investigations.

Makdessi, 4 April
Virginia Beach Police respond to a gruesome 911 call. A Navy Petty Officer Elise Makdessi is stabbed to death and her husband Eddie Makdessi says he shot and killed the intruder, Quincy Brown who was also in the Navy. But as the NCIS case unfolds, the Special Agents uncover a world of deviant sexual behavior and lies. Using high-tech forensic techniques investigators are able to untangle the web of lies. The agents uncover that Eddie Makdessi actually killed Quincy Brown execution style and then Makdessi stabbed his own wife to death. Eddie Makdessi is finally brought to justice and is given two life sentences.

Hartley, 11 April
When a Navy lieutenant onboard a US aircraft carrier falls victim to a rare case of arsenic poisoning, NCIS investigators must scour both land and sea for his killer. With no crime scene and little physical evidence, agents must separate rumor from truth and use their best interrogative know-how to solve a deadly crime. Follow real NCIS agents as they hunt down suspects on one of the world’s largest ships and after a long 13 years finally uncover the bizarre truth behind the poisoning death of a Lt. Lee Hartley.

Torres, 18 April
Two men disappear with 80,000 dollars from the Pearl Harbor Naval Exchange. NCIS agents identify the missing men as Ruben Gallegos a young clerk and Janero Torres, a former base police guard. Investigators launch an island wide manhunt and by land, sea and air try to capture these men before they make it off the island. When in bizarre turn Janero Torres is captured, agents start to believe Ruben Gallegos was not a willing partner in the robbery; in fact Torres may have murdered him. Years go by as they search for the body of Ruben Gallegos. Finally Torres slips up and tells someone about the murder and despite never finding Gallegos’ body NCIS bring Torres to justice.

Wiltrout, 25 April
When human bones are found on a remote corner of the Norfolk Naval Base, NCIS must piece together a missing man’s last days in order to find his killer. Follow real NCIS agents and forensic experts as they uncover the gruesome details of Ricky Wiltrout’s murder. Will the bones lead investigators to the killers? NCIS agents must walk in a murdered man’s footsteps, travel half way around the world, and execute the perfect interrogation before they can finally bring three brutal killers to justice.

The program is also available in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese subtitle.

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