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Temubual Eksklusif Bersama Pelakon The Longest Day in Chang’an

  1. What is your preparation for this drama?

Jackson Yee: I did conduct some research of Dynasty Tang, the life story of Li Bi as well as the story of him between the crown prince before the shooting. As Li Bi is a person who cultivates the Tao, so I did spend some time to learn some of his behavioral, habits and etiquettes. Besides, I also did learn how to ride a horse, it was fine when I was riding normally. But when the horse running a little, I was not able to cope with its speed at first. Yet I think that the effect was ok.

  • What do you think about this drama? 

Jackson Yee: Every character in this story does have their story to carry out and the plot is particularly compact. Besides, the storyline is very attractive and originally replay the 24 hours of Chang An.

Lei Jia Yin_08

Lei Jia Yin:We had a low-key launch at the early stage of promoting this drama. After the streaming of this drama, we got a great bouncing of the reviews from many parties with the power of word of mouth! I personally think that the audiences did pay attention to the intention of the crews behind the production that want to bring a best to them, from the details of the clothing, arts and details, to the production of the drama. Anyway, this drama is truly recommended to the audience out there!

  • What challenges did you encounter while filming the drama?

Jackson Yee: It is still okay while dealing with the relationship between the characters of Li Bi, Wolven Squad, Long Bo, the minister and others. But at Peacekeeper Corps, it is hard deal with the relationship, emotions when comes to people who are relatively with Li Bi. There are lots of ancient lines that I will need to carry out, which will be sloppier and harder. 

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Lei Jia Yin: The most challenging part in this drama are the fighting scenes. Before I was shooting another drama before <The Longest Day in Chang’an>, I will need to prep myself for the fighting scenes. 95% of the fighting scenes are coming by myself and I even went to four hospitals during the shooting time. As we have a lot one shot to the end, so all of us are really expecting the final production cutting. Of course, it is impossible to succeed for one shot till the end as it involves the accurate of the fighting fist scenes happening. Hence, we still shooting repeatedly, it’s really a challenging part for me as an actor.

Lei Jia Yin_01
  • How has playing the main character influence your life?

Jackson Yee:This character brings me a lot of excitements. I would like challenge myself to act in those more in-depth type of film or tv works, so that can bring out some value throughout the characters.

Lei Jia Yin:What I can say is I’ve tried my best to bring out my best for this drama. I thinks that I may not possible to pick up such a large-scale action scene in this short time because I will need some time to slow down. 

Written by Budiey

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