Swedish Maths Quiz App Sensation To Launch In Asia

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]arama AB, the Sweden based developer of ‘Elementa’, the maths quiz game that has taken Sweden by storm, has chosen Malaysia and China as the Asian launch countries for the app which is available on Apple’s iStore from June 25th, 2013.

Since its Sweden unveiling on March 26th, Elementa has been on the top Swedish charts with a vast number of downloads and players across all ages. USA Based iPhonemom and Swedish newspapers gave Elementa 4 of 5 stars. Elementa also has positive feedback from the players themselves with an overall rating of 5 of 5 stars on App Store.

“We had to choose Malaysia as one of the countries for this simultaneous launch because the country has incredible statistics in terms of academic achievement and social media adoption. Scholastic excellence seems to be in the blood of Malaysian’s, with such a high proportion of students attaining the highest possible grades. We believe that as a proving ground for an education based application / game, Malaysia is a key market.

Patrik Carlstedt, Chief Executive Officer, Parama AB

For that reason, we have customised it for Malaysia so that it is available in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin Chinese and English.”

The app allows you to challenge specific friends or even choose a random opponent, where you battle it out over three (3) fast rounds. During game time, contestants have to solve mathematical equations and select the correct answer based on a multiple choice answer system. Speed is of the essence as well as the correct answer as the faster you answer, the more points you earn. Getting the answer wrong of course results in a points deduction. The winner is decided on who has the most points after the three full rounds have been completed.‬‬‬‬

“Malaysia and China to Launch Simultaneously as First Countries in Asia to Access the App”

Earning points and bragging rights in one on one competition is just the start, as your profile will unlock new avatars and titles with each accumulated victory or skill acquired. ‬ The app also allows for training, skin design and degree of difficulty setting to meet the gamer’s needs and preferences.‬‬‬‬

”Overall, we believe that we have created the perfect game that combines fun and learning, these are the two elements that we attribute the success of the game to. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction has never been so much fun, and fun is the key to learning. The price for the app is FREE and can be downloaded at CLICK HERE

Written by Budiey

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