Sulwhasoo Limited Edition Charity Skincare Kit

Sulwhasoo, the no. 1 luxury skincare brand from Korea has recently introduced a limited edition skincare kit to help raise funds for World Vision Malaysia. This charity initiative is part of Sulwhasoo’s global Charity Quilt Project, inspired by the hand-sewn patchwork quilt traditionally pieced together from old clothing and rags as a gesture of blessing and well wishes.

Through the years, Sulwhasoo has not only grown as a brand, it has become a true symbol of beauty and well-being. Its long tradition of using its expertise and specially-selected medicinal herbs to regulate the skin from inside-out is a testament of its philosophy. Thus, it is befitting that Sulwhasoo takes a step forward to give back to society through this meaningful Charity Quilt Project.

Like the concept behind the quilt, Sulwhasoo wants to make a difference in the lives of people through small steps and then slowly transforming into positive changes in the world.

Sulwhasoo Limited Edition Charity Skincare Kit

[pullquote align=”right”]Sulwhasoo Gives Back, Proceeds of limited edition Charity Skincare Kit to benefit World Vision Malaysia[/pullquote]

Proceeds from the sale of Sulwhasoo Charity Kit will be donated to World Vision Malaysia. Sulwhasoo Malaysia is committed to donate RM10,000 to World Vision Malaysia this year. All donations collected will be channeled to Children Development Fund. It will be used to support children and children-related development work locally and internationally. These could include initiatives in the areas of children’s rights protection, education, mental and emotional development, nutrition and health care.

The Sulwhasoo Charity Kit consists two of the brand’s signature products – the Concentrating Ginseng Cream (5 ml) and First Care Activating Serum (8 ml). It also has Essential Balancing Emulsion (30 ml), Essential Balancing Water (30 ml), Gentle Cleansing Foam (50 ml), and Overnight Vitalizing Mask (30 ml/tube).

To kick off the launch of the limited edition Charity Kit is the much-anticipated event in Hong Kong, which will see leading celebrities from the special administrative region, namely Aaron Kwok and Cathy Li.

Already into its fourth year running, Sulwhasoo Hong Kong has collaborated with several prominent personalities and celebrities such as, Carina Lau, Lin Qin Hsia, Moses Chan and Aaron Kwok for this annual event.

They have given their time to make a special appearance at the event as well as to contribute a piece of cloth which holds sentimental value or a poignant story behind it. Each square piece of cloth from these celebrities will then be pieced together to form a beautiful piece of quilt.

The quilt, a symbol of love and care, is a perfect representation of Sulwhasoo to propagate the seed of love as well as to raise funds for charity.

The following shows quilts of different themes, pieced together in the last few years to tell the story of each of the celebrities or personalities who helped to promote the project.

This year, Sulwhasoo Charity Quilt Project is themed “Touching Moments with Splendour” with even more touching stories to be told. For the first time, Malaysia will be represented by Puan Sri Chelsia Cheng, an award-winning Hong Kong actress and singer in the 70’s and currently the Chairman of Lion-Parkson Foundation.

Puan Sri Chelsia Cheng’s luminary background and wide involvement in charity work makes her the perfect representative from Malaysia for Sulwhasoo’s charity project. She was an award-winning actress, singer and songwriter in the 70s and a famous icon in Asian Chinese entertainment markets like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. She won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress and was also selected as Best Composer to represent Hong Kong in a music competition in Japan. Her relation with Malaysia started when she married Malaysian business tycoon Tan Sri William Cheng, Chairman of The Lion Group (including Parkson Department Store regional chain). As Chairman of the Lion-Parkson Foundation, Puan Sri Cheng is known for her involvement in charity work, notably in promoting education at school and tertiary levels including students’ welfare; the construction of a home for handicapped and mentally disabled children; and organising charity performances and calligraphy classes.

Puan Sri Chelsia Cheng contributed her own piece of painting based on the theme of “Touching Moments of Splendour”, which will be unveiled alongside with the rest of the other stars’ pieces of cloth on that day.

Puan Sri Chelsia Cheng words on her involvement in Sulwhasoo Charity Project:

“I always believe that art has no boundaries; from Western piano keyboard to Chinese writing brush or from music to painting, arts in many forms and expressions move me continuously.

I created this Chinese painting last winter at Tsinghua University, Beijing. From scribing, colouring to paint rendering, it took me 3 days to complete this work of art. It is a precious piece of silk that has recorded numerous touching moments and made me feel the vitality of art.”

Sulwhasoo Charity Kit is available in Malaysia starting from 4 October 2013, at counters in Parkson Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur and Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang. Priced at RM129.00, each Sulwhasoo Charity Kit comes in a quilt inspired design pouch. Only 500 units are available in Malaysia.

Sulwhasoo Limited Edition Charity Skincare Kit

About Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo is the No.1 brand in the luxury cosmetics market in Korea when it was first launched in 1997 as the pinnacle of Amorepacific’s years of Korean medicinal knowledge and research that began with ABC Ginseng cream in 1966. Sulwhasoo’s ingredients are managed and cultured in Korea. Made with a concoction of 200 Korean medicinal herbs, the company owns copyrights to 100 theses and 150 petitions related to Korean medicine. Captivating the world with one new technology after another, the Korean holistic brand is no doubt Korea’s market leader.

Sulwhasoo skincare philosophy draws from the ancient Korean wisdom of “Sang-Seng” (the ultimate harmony between opposite energies). Decades of Korean wisdom, assisted by extensive modern research and techniques, as well as indigenous plants and herbs, promote optimal vitality. Sulwhasoo’s signature ingredient compound (Jaeumdan) and other rare herbal substances which assist the effect of Jaeumdan, are harmoniously mixed to deliver maximum efficacy. A 500 year old refining process, the Poje Method, is carried out to treat each component in the manner that maximizes its healing and beautifying benefits by steaming, fermenting, baking, or enriching. Sulwhasoo formulas are thus designed to regain balance and strengthen the energies for intense treatment to reduce signs of aging and restore youthfulness to skin.

Sulwhasoo has been often selected as gift for international events such as ASEAN Summit, G20 Summit Seoul 2010, G20 Summit Seoul 2011, and many more. The brand has also been selected as the most powerful brand in women’s cosmetics by KMAC. Sulwhasoo entered Malaysian market since May 2013. For more information, please visit or find us at

About World Vision

World Vision is an international relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with poor and marginalized children, families and communities worldwide. World Vision is committed to promote the transformation and development of lower income communities with the aim of helping them to reach their full potential by addressing the root causes of poverty. For more information, please visit

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