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What to Expect When Stranger Things Takes Over The Highlands

Here’s your sneak peek at what Netflix has in store for Stranger Things fans this weekend at Good Vibes.

Netflix is bringing #StrangerVibes to Good Vibes Festival 2019, for a weekend filled with good music, great company, and most importantly an exciting Stranger Things experience. 

The #StrangerVibes experience is set to turn your Good Vibes festival experience ‘Upside Down’ with an immersive installation and exclusive photo opportunities from key moments in the show. The Stranger Things booth will be divided into sections designed to recreate iconic sets and moments from each of the three seasons. Each set will provide insta-worthy photo moments specially designed to transport fans straight into the well-loved town of Hawkins, Indiana. Have you planned your ’80s inspired Stranger OOTD yet?

 Here is what you and your squad can expect at the #StrangerVibes weekend:

Byers’ Living Room, Stranger Things 1

Who can forget the moment when Joyce Byers bought all available Christmas lights from the department store to prove her theory that Will was communicating with her through the lights. The iconic scene of her living room illuminated with strings of lights will stay with us forever. 

At the #StrangerVibes experience, you can step into the Byers’ Living Room where you’ll be left astounded by the seemingly never-ending strings of lights that is sure to make you feel like you’re right there in Joyce’s living room where our strange journey first began. 

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Image Courtesy of Netflix 

Shadow Monster Backdrop, Stranger Things 2 

We all remember that sweet moment of satisfaction back in Season 2 when the middle school dance was going on and we thought the little town of Hawkins, Indiana was finally safe from the dangers of the ‘Upside Down.’  Lo and behold, just when we felt we could breathe a sigh of relief, we saw the dark Shadow Monster creep up and linger over the Hawkins Middle School, leaving us in suspense, desperately waiting to find out what kind of new creature of the dark would return in Stranger Things 3. 

Fans can relive this moment of shock and horror with the Shadow Monster Backdrop from Season 2 in an extraordinary set that will make fans feel like the hero of the show as they cycle aways from the Shadow Monster in a setting that is sure to give you all kinds of creeps! 

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Image Courtesy of Netflix

Palace Arcade, Stranger Things 2

The arcade was a big theme in Season 2 where the world was introduced to the fiery redhead, Max, the arcade whiz who beat Lucas and Dustin in Dig Dug, making her the undefeatable champion.

As Malaysians, we’ve all wished we could have had the arcade experience of our own which is why Netflix is bringing the Palace Arcade to life with familiar arcade games from the show such as Dig Dug, Galaga, Pac-man and Donkey Kong that fans can try out for themselves to win exclusive swag and see if they’ve got the chops to match Max! 

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Image Courtesy of Netflix

KL Skyline Photo Wall, Stranger Things 3 

The fireworks and vibrancy of the Independence Day Carnival took our breath away and this weekend, those same colours are taking over Kuala Lumpur, as our skyline gets a Stranger Things treatment of its own! Think Hawkins, but bigger! 

The Demogorgon Is Back!

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Image Courtesy of Netflix

Ever wondered what you would do if you came face to face with the Demogorgon? This is your chance to find out as the Highlands finds itself facing this iconic villain! We dare you to take a picture and prove you managed to survive it and because you just know, a picture with the Demogorgon is definitely going to blow up on your feed!

Local Art, On A Global Stage

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Image Courtesy of Netflix 

Earlier this month, we discovered that Malaysia’s very own Penang based artist, Ong Lyn-Hui was one of eighteen other talented artists from around the world selected by Netflix to create their own artistic interpretations of various episodes. Stranger fans can now check out Lyn-Hui’s extraordinary piece on the incredibly Stranger Fan Wall and win some sweet Stranger Things swag when they use the Netflix giphy stickers for their Instagram posts.

The Strange Experience is not something you’d want to miss, so grab the squad and check it out this 20th & 21st July, only at Good Vibes Festival 2019! 

Don’t forget to share the stranger experience with us by tagging #StrangerVibes and @NetflixMy when you post your most insta-worthy pictures this weekend! 

Stranger Things 3

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