Stacy Avon Voices Contender Profile

Avon Voices Contender Profile

1. First Name: STACEY

2. Last Name: DAVE

3. Address: 4786, LORONG SELASIH 4/5, TMN SELASIH 6

4. City: KULIM

5. State: KEDAH

6. Zip code: 09000

9. Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year): OCT 17, 1980



1. How did you hear about Avon Voices?
Google search with the keywords “songwriting competition”

2. Why did you decide to join Avon Voices?
I think engineering is killing the “songbird” inside me slowly, that I just have to join any singing contest to practice my “singing voice”.

3. Did someone special encourage you to join Avon Voices? No

4. What song did you choose for your submission video? Greatest Love Of All

5. Why did you choose that song? This is one of the earliest song I’ve learnt, which has a special meaning to me. It always reminds me of accepting myself as a unique person.

6. What song did you choose for your Round 1 performance video? “This Is My Now”

7. Why did you choose that song? This song really reflects my life. I want to tell the world that I’m out here now, voicing my heart out and ready to shine.

8. How has Avon Voices changed your life? It makes me think of the unpredictables, just accept whatever comes to me.

9. How did you feel when you found out you became a Round 1 Contender?

10. What has been your favorite part of Avon Voices so far?
Been selected as Round 1 contender

11. Which Avon Voices judge are you most excited about? Sheila E

12. How long have you been singing? 1996 ~ 2011 : 15 years

13. How does singing make you feel? Satisfied, happy and energized.

14. Who is your favorite singer and why? Celine Dion. It’s not only her powerful and dynamic voice, but also her personality and her power ballad songs that continuously inspires me to sing.


1. What is your favorite piece of makeup? Lip-balm

2. How do you define beauty? Beauty is actually subjective, but generally it’s the physical look, which I couldn’t agree more. However, it is more meaningful and real if the beauty comes with a humble heart.

3. Who is the most beautiful person you know and why? Aishwarya Rai. I saw her face in one of the magazines when I was a teenager. I never knew that she is a Bollywood celebrity, but her face left me wondering her identity for a few days. I still admire her face, which for me is unique and classic.

4. What was the best beauty tip you’ve ever received? Actually I don’t really practice good beauty care…yet, but I know I should. One thing that I’ll never leave the house without is to apply day cream on my face.

5. What empowers you? God

6. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your story/background?
I’m like a “lost” songbird. I always wanted to have a singing career starting with studying music full-time, but I’m stuck in engineering field instead. Everytime I saw someone singing/performing on the stage, I know my heart is crying to do the same.

7. Do you have an Avon Representative? If so, who is she/he?

Written by Budiey

Penggemar filem seram yang obses dengan gajet & teknologi terkini dan masih tegar menjadi pengendali portal hiburan & gaya hidup sejak tahun 2007. Kini aktif menjadi Youtuber & Podcaster yang menemubual selebriti dalam BORAK SINI HABIS SINI dan menerbitkan program BULETIN VIRAL di Budiey Channel.

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