Snapchat Creator Shows Now Available In Malaysia

Malaysians Can Now Enjoy Exclusive Shows by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serena Williams, Kevin Hart, Keke Palmer, Maddie Ziegler and more!

Snap Inc. recently announced the debut of Creator Shows as well as the Highlights feature for Official Accounts, making it even easier for Malaysians to discover and keep up with our favorite creators and personalities on Snapchat. 

In a continuing effort to support the creator community and expand creativity and storytelling on Snapchat, Snap challenged creators to imagine and produce sitcoms for a mobile generation. The resulting shows range from sitcoms to mockumentaries to animation. Snapchat’s Creator Shows are available now and feature top creators and personalities, including Serena Williams, Keke Palmer, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maddie Ziegler.

Snapchat Creator Shows Now Available In Malaysia

Like all Shows on Snapchat, they will air on the Discover page, to the right of the camera. Each episode is 3-5 minutes in length and a season averages 8-10 episodes. The shows are authentic to the creators’ personalities and passions, and will be in a consistent repeatable format, building loyal viewership, with themes across fitness, dance, beauty, fashion, food, motivation, horoscopes and more. 

Snapchat Creator Shows Now Available In Malaysia

To watch and subscribe to Creator Shows: 

  • Go to your Discover page in Snapchat, which is at the right of the camera.
  • Tap the ‘Search’ bar at the top of the Discover page to search for your favourite ‘Shows.’
  • A list of ‘Shows’ will appear based on your keywords.
  • Select your favourite ‘Shows’ and subscribe to the ones you like.
  • After subscribing, you will see a tiny notification bell at the top right corner of the page. 

Creator Show images for editorial usage and a full list of Creator Shows are available here.

Snapchat Creator Shows Now Available In Malaysia


Highlights are now available for Official Accounts, making it easier for Snapchatters to follow their favourite creators on Snapchat. 

About Highlights:

  • Highlights are a collection of photo and video content that Creators can add to their profile from their Snap Stories or Camera Roll, allowing them to showcase and share their favorite creative moments with new and existing fans. This way, users will be able to see the best work from Official Accounts, allowing them to easily discover new creators and see top snaps from their favourites. 
  • Highlights will be available on the newly redesigned, full screen profiles for Official Accounts, where Creators can share more details including a bio, photo, URL, location and email contact. Official Lens Creators will also be able to showcase all the Lenses they have created via Lens Studio so Snapchatters can easily access their favorite Lenses. 
  • In the coming months, for Creators who are also in a Show format, the Creator profile will link to the Show Profile, making it easy to discover a Show from a Creator Profile, and vice versa!

Written by Budiey

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