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Showcase True Colours di Funtheque, The Ship Bukit Bintang

Blessed with a stunning, staggering two female frontliners to lead the band and five electrifying and experience musicians the True Colours band belts out enthusiastically their comprehensive repertoire in English, Malay and Chinese.

Their friendly approach and excellent ‘PR’ on  and offstage to envy of others, plus with the jovial and humorous guitarist and keyboardist  in the band.

“If you are really looking for something special while you chill out at the Funtheque , the band will be just what you are  looking for – you’ll have to see, hear and laugh with them to know what they mean. Hear them, they will melt your heart…. communicate with them, you can surely feel their friendliness and humor” says lanmansor who is the Media Planner & Entertainment Consultant for the Ship Group of companies.

“The band plays wide repotoire of R&B, Hip Hop, Rocks and some latin stuffs which will make you want to get up and dance along with them, pretty good though!!” says lanmansor again. “True Colours performs nightly at the Funtheque from 9.30 pm onwards, except for Sunday.a bad not to be missed when you are around bukit bintang, they will be performing from September 2007 onwards” says lanmansor.

True Colours

Renis has been performing professionally as a singer for more than five years now.  She has been noted for her sweet sounding but very high pitched voice, like that of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.  Besides her singing prowess, she also possess the talent of dancing. She perform in perfect harmony giving variety and color to the band’s performances. Renis is a little bit quiet and down to earthed, but no doubt she works very hard and is committed to her craft.  A career promising to enlighten the whole show.

Fondly called Edly, is the second female frontliner of the group who is very good and projects her well on stage. She has a smooth and very refined voice, which charms the audience whenever she takes on the mic to belt out the numbers. Edly covers a wide range of repertoire from Standards, Evergreen, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Top Forties commercial Hits. She is cool and excels in her performance on stage and gets the attention of the audience with ease.

This talented male vocalist has opportunity to perform all over Malaysia. Vocally he is very strong with his husky voice & provides the alto parts in harmonizing with the band blends very well compliments the group. He has superb energy to keep the show alive.  Personally, he is found to be a kind person and fun to be with.  He carries along with him his excellence, spontaneous antics and pleasant personality

Rem is the drummer and the back bone of the group who gives constant strokes and fancy attacks to make the group sound much real and better. Over the years of performing, Rem has refined his strokes and can adapt to any kind of music with ease. He has mastered various high energy beats to the laid back Standard. He and the bassist can get along very well and they have tight combination both in the rhythm and to syncopated paunchiness.

Ferdi is the lady behind the keys. He also  a well experienced and polished keyboard player. A wizard  at the keyboards, He played the music with matching choreography. He has an excellent touch on the keyboards and adds the backing this group needs. He is able to manipulate the synthesizers extremely well because of his sheer hard practice.  She has mastered the rhythm and vamps the keyboard with style and this makes the audience to appreciate her deftness and fine arrangements.

Fairly known as Iz, the man who has a full concept and strictly devoted to his principles. Even though he is still young, his natural talent on playing the guitar cannot be denied.  This energetic, dynamic and quiet little musician is known for his excellent talent on the guitar and keyboard as well.  An individual who is hardworking and always wanting to try something more challenging. Iz believes that there is always a price for everything you do. 

He  has been performing professionally for more than seven years. He is the man who givesthe groove to the group and tasty bass lines too. He works together with the drummer and combines well with the group. Ajak started playing the electric bass when he was in early teens and has mastered the bass very well. He is equally good on guitar and also contributes his vocal capabilities to the group and does the harmony backing.  

Funtheque is located at 102-104 Jalan Bukit Bintang 50250 Kuala Lumpur, located just above the Ship Bukit Bintang. Doors open from 7.00pm onwards. Cover charge every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday (inclusive one drink) please call 03-21443892 for further information.

Written by Budiey

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