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TX Date : 7 July 2016
Day / Time : Thursday / 10.00am – 12.00pm
Producer : Cinta Kasih Production Sdn Bhd
Director : Ellie Suriati.
Script Writer : Zabidi Mohamed
Casts : Fattah Amin, Aida Aris, Azri Iskandar, Ellie Suriaty, Elfaeza
Ul Huq
Zaidi and Rahmah are performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan this year. Problem arises when they have no one to take care of their children including their parents. The only person that willing to is Rayyan, Rahmah’s brother. Apparently the kids don’t like Rayyan because he is a strict uncle as he works as a trainer. Their Ramadan schedule is well-monitored with discipline by Rayyan. During the first day of Raya, Rayyan shows his soft spot where he brings the kids to visit his crush, Ustazah Jannah. And he also finds out that Jannah’s father is the colonel in his training centre.

TX Date : 10th July 2016
Day / Time : Sunday / 5.00 pm
Producer : Enuja Production Sdn Bhd
Director : Murali Abdullah
Script Writer : Didi Wahida
Casts : Namron, Ammar Asyraf, Arif BMB, Hanis Kamal Bakar

Haikal and his colleagues, Johan & Farah, were sent to Terengganu to manage an office project. Haikal decided to buy a Terengganu songket for his father, Fadil, because he had none in his whole life. At the same time, Johan expresses his feelings towards Farah but Farah rejected him as she likes Johan. Their friendship began to falter and Johan disappeared. On Raya eve while Haikal is driving, he passed by Johan’s car and he tried to catch up to clarify the matter. Unfortunate for Haikal when a truck suddenly rammed his car. Johan just too sad and regrets. On the first day of Raya, Fadil and the rest of Haikal’s brothers are happily waiting for Haikal’s appearance and then Johan arrived. He handed a full-sewn songket to Fadil, as what Haikal requested.

TX Date : 6 July
Day / Time : Wednesday / 2pm
Producer : Primeworks Studio Sdn Bhd
Director : Hisyam Rejab
Script Writer : MF Kencana
Casts : Issey, Ammar, Achok BMB, Syikin Kamal, Da’i Anas
3 best friends, (Issey, Ammar and Shafiq) are on their way from Kuala Lumpur to their villages. The journey takes about 5 to 6 hours. During the trip on raya’s eve, Issey begins to tell story about an old woman who became a ghost with her granddaughter. When they arrived at the village, their car experiences engine problems and breaks down at the road intersection. Suddenly, an elderly grandmother with her granddaughter, Zara approach them, appeared out of nowhere. A lot of mysterious things happen to them. After their car is repaired , they go straight to Abang Subuh’s house and tell everything to him. Apparently the old woman and her granddaughter are the villagers and the incident is absolutely one of the hilarious experiences in their lives.

TX Date : 9 July
Day / Time : Saturday / 6.00pm
Producer : Rashbir Media Sdn Bhd
Director : Rashid Sibir
Script Writer : Rashid Sibir
Casts : Azhan rani, Nabila Huda, Fauziah Nawi, Norlia Ghani, Haeryanto Hasan.
* MAK NEN sentiasa mengingati saat saat bahagia dia bersama satu satunya anak tunggalnya Rahim. Namun setelah berkahwin, sikap Rahim mula berubah. MAK NEN nekad tahun ini dia mahu beraya dengan RAHIM. Pada malam raya, Rahim dan isterinya, Dira akan berangkat ke PARIS. Dengan pertolongan WAHID anak muda yang selalu membantunya MAK NEN telah pergi ke KL dengan menaiki kereta lama WAHID. Orang gaji memberitahu yang mereka telah pergi keluar negara. Hancur hati MAK NEN. Dia membawa ketupat dan WAHID mengajak MAK NEN pulang semula ke kampung. RAHIM pula telah bertengkar dengan DIRA di tepi jalan hampir ke KLIA. DIA merasa berdosa pada ibunya dan mahu kali ni bertemu dengan ibunya. Sepanjang jalan pulang RAHIM mengingati semua kesilapannya dan betapa derhakanya pada ibu yang terlalu menyayanginya


TX Date : 6 July 2016
Day / Time : Wednesday / 9.00 pm
Producer : Rumah Karya Citra Sdn Bhd
Director : Eirma Fatima
Script Writer : Eirma Fatima
Casts : Erma Fatima, Balkisy Semundur Khan, Nora Danish, Dato Rahim Razali, Umi Aida, Syahrul Ridzwan
Mak Cun ke New York untuk berjumpa dengan anakknya Atun selepas mendapat panggilan yang dia akan berkahwin di New York. Atun merahsiakan bakal suaminya daripada emaknya. Mak Cun tergesa-gesa ke New York kerana bimbang anaknya akan berkahwin dengan “mat saleh” dan tidak mengikut ajaran islam. Dalam keadaan huru hara, Mak Cun tetap membawa sejumlah produk keluaran kampung dan produknya untuk dipasarkan di sana.Mak cun cuba selidik siapa bakal suami Atun, hingga menyebabkan pertelingkahan antara mereka. Mak Cun bertindak untuk keluar dari rumah tersebut dan berfikir untuk menyewa hotel di sekitar Bandar New York. Tanpa Mak Cun sedari, bayaran penginapan telah menjangkau lebih daripada wang yang dibawa oleh Mak Cun hingga menyebabkan dia ambil keputusan untuk menjual produknya di sana untuk membayar kos hotel. Mak Cun terserempak dengan lelaki berkulit hitam yang telah banyak membatunya untuk kembali kepada Atun. Atun memberitahu Mak Cun, bahawa bakal suaminya itu bernama Arjuna. Majlis perkahwinan diadakan mengikut syariat islam di New York, Mak Cun pula kembali ke Malaysia untuk mempromosikan produknya di bazaar kampungnya.


TX Date : 7th July 2016
Day / Time : Thursday / 2.00 pm
Producer : Zeel Production Sdn Bhd
Director : TBC
Script Writer : Mufid Suhaimi
Casts : Izreen Azmida, Rozita Che Wan, Redza Rosli
During Ramadan, Kak Marr told her staff, kak Raftah, Chef, Shahrir and Dina that their stall will be closed because she will more focusing on her online business. Kak Raftah are planning to continue their business together with chef but suddenly Asmah also inform Kak Marr that she’s going to sell Laksa at the stall during Ramadan. After a few day, Kak Raftah and Cheff suspect something happen in Kak Marr stall. Seem that a few people still go to the stall even it was closed. They start to investigate, and finally they find out that Asmah still running business during the daytime. Two day before Aidilfitri, they were arrested and have be penalized.


TX Date : 5th July 2016
Day / Time : Tuesday / 9.00pm
Producer : Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd
Director : Along Kamaludin
Script Writer : Mufid Suhaimi
Casts : Adi Putra, Mira Filzah, Fadlan Hazim, Nazeera Sardi

Sequel from Cinta Si Wedding Planner series.
Fariz Adryan and Zara Batrisya have been married for two years. On another story, Ikhmal Bazli and Shaqirin have been married since last year. Zara and Bazli are actually siblings from different parent and always seeing each other which make their spouses jealous. Bazli panicks when he found out Shaqirin runs away on the night of her birthday. When Bazli meets Shaqirin at her mother’s place, he just realized that Shaqirin feels sensitive because of her pregnancy syndrome.


TX Date : 9 July 2016
Day / Time : Saturday / 9.00pm
Producer : Orangetree Production Sdn Bhd
Director : Eoon Shuhaini
Script Writer : Amin Shakib
Casts : Shukri Yahaya, Zahirah MacWilson

Sequel from Cik Cinderella Dan Encik Tengku series. Puteri planned to celebrate Raya at her Nenek and Mak Ngah’s place, along with Daniel and their first son. Weeks before Raya, Puteri’s new stepmother is confirmed pregnant while Puteri’s dad is on outstation for business purposes. Puteri smells something fishy and thought Daniel is hiding something from her. Truth is, Daniel was offered a position in overseas. He started to consider the matter alone, and hiding the news from Puteri. Time is running out. Putri’s stepmother is almost delivering the baby but Putri’s father is still not coming back.


TX Date : 8 July 2016
Day / Time : Friday / 2.00 pm
Producer : A.Aida Production Sdn. Bhd
Director : Raja Mukhriz
Script Writer : Rosmadewi
Casts : Jaja (DFKL), Fahrin Ahmad, Rosnah Mad Aris, Norlia Ghani

Adam lives with his mother in the village. his mother, Hasnah were so proud of him because he has a good position in the company. One day, the jewellers,Bedah came to their house and show a few of the jewellery. Hasnah were so interested in a bracelet but Adam ignore it. Adam were falling in love with Zaira, his officemate and they got married. At first, Zaira were very polite and good manner, but eventually he shows his true character. One day, Zaira mother came to visit Hasnah, she proudly show her bracelet that Adam buy for her. Hasnah were very disappointed with Adam. Every year, during Aidilfitri Adam will gave a set of clothes and scarf to his mother , but this year he surprising her with the bracelet. Hasnah were very happy and Adam start to realize his fault towards his mother


TX Date : 6 July 2016
Day / Time : Wednesday / 10.00 am
Producer : A.Aida Production Sdn. Bhd
Director : Nuad Hj Othman
Script Writer : Mazelan Manan
Casts : Fattah Amin, Ruhainies, Raja Afiq, Ezzaty Abdullah, Dato Eizlan Yusof, Fiza Elite, Kay Maria

Sequel from Hello Mr Perfect series.
Izzul and Alya live in a happy marriage. They are blessed with a newborn baby and excited to celebrate Ramadan. Izzul wants Alya to have a break from her daily job and spend her whole time with the baby. But she is reluctant to do so. Both of their mothers are willing to take care of the baby, however Alya and Izzul refused as they did not want to burden them. They had an argument and separated for a while. On Raya eve, Alya feels incomplete without her beloved husband.


TX Date : 11 July 2016
Day / Time : Monday / 10 pm
Producer : JS Pictures Sdn Bhd
Director : Azman Hj Yahya
Script Writer : Rehal
Casts : Syarul Ridzwan, Janna Nick, Syamsul Ghau Ghau, Kuza, Issey Titan

Sequel from Kau, Aku, Kita series.
Cerita bermula dengan memperlihatkan kemesraan atau romantik Im Aus kejutkan Iman bangun pagi dengan kata-kata manis dan gelaran ‘abe’ dan ’sayang’ antara mereka kemudiannya Iman ketawa kerana itu hanya lakonan. Dia masih belum boleh mengubah panggilan ‘kau’ dan ‘aku’ antara mereka.Im Aus nampak kecewa tapi dia tetap cuba untuk biasakan Iman dengan panggilan itu tambahan ketika ini Iman sudah pun mengandungkan anak pertama mereka. Tapi sesuatu tidak dijangka berlaku bila kandungan Iman bermasalah. Anak dalam kandungan mati tanpa mereka perasan kerana Iman terlalu aktif. Berita itu membuatkan Iman rasa tertampar tambahan dia tahu dia dah pun kecewakan Im Aus.Sejak keguguran, Iman mula menjadi pendiam. Iman cuba mengubah kelakuannya yang sedikit kasar itu menjadi lembut malah mengubah penampilannya dengan bertudung. Pengakhiran cerita Iman kembali ke watak asalnya, kecoh dan bising dalam persiapan menyambut hari raya kerana ini tahun pertama dia beraya sebagai seorang isteri dan selepas dua tahun tidak beraya bersama kedua orang tuanya

Written by Budiey

Penggemar filem seram yang obses dengan gajet & teknologi terkini dan masih tegar menjadi pengendali portal hiburan & gaya hidup sejak tahun 2007. Kini aktif menjadi Youtuber & Podcaster yang menemubual selebriti dalam BORAK SINI HABIS SINI dan menerbitkan program BULETIN VIRAL di Budiey Channel.

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