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Vaseline launched their powerful new body serum range that offers up to 10 times^ the skin benefits without the sticky feel, as a solution to more beautiful and healthier skin. The range consists of Total Moisture Nourishing, Healthy White SPF 30 and Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum.

Compared to lotions, serums offer higher performance care with their concentration of ingredients therefore making them more effective in delivering results. The new Vaseline Serum Range with its lightweight formula allows faster and deeper absorption into the skin, and provides high efficacy with its concentrated ingredients, compared to ordinary body lotions. With the introduction of this new range, women will able to achieve healthier, more beautiful looking skin.


Through consumer research, Vaseline found that as consumers are getting more discerning, they are constantly on the lookout for skincare products that provide higher efficacy that really delivers. The research also showed a number of women who do not use body lotion as they dislike the sticky feel it leaves on their skin.

With this in mind, Vaseline Body Serum range is developed to address the needs of Malaysian women by offering up to 10 times the skin benefits without leaving any sticky feel on your skin.

The new Vaseline Body Serum Range consists of three variants – Total Moisture Nourishing, Healthy White SPF 30 and Healthy White Perfect 10. With concentrated oat extract, Total Moisture Nourishing gives 10 times* the moisturising boost, keeping skin nourished all day. Healthy White SPF 30 serum offers 3 times** skin fairness protection with its concentrated UVB and UVA formula while Vitamin B3 helps to achieve lighter and brighter skin tone. The Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum offers 10 times*** the anti-aging benefits thus keeping skin looking younger and fairer.

*10 times more Oat extract as compared with Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing lotion
**3 times more skin lightening factors as compared with lotion without sunscreen and Vitamin B3
***anti-aging ingredient vs Vaseline Perfect 10™ lotion

“Vaseline takes pride in understanding not just the skin but also the lifestyles of our consumers. Malaysian women today are always on the move. Their skin is more susceptible to problems due to the harshness of weather conditions and the environment. Basic skincare alone might not be enough to address all the specific skin problems caused by environmental factors.

The powerful new Vaseline body serum range is developed as a solution to help women obtain more beautiful, healthier skin,” Chong Yen Nee, Category Head Senior Brand Manager (Skin Care & Skin Cleansing), Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd commented during the launch event.

She added “Vaseline has always provided knowledge, expertise and products that advances skin beauty and health. We started out by launching Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, also known as “Wonder Jelly” in 1870 which was used on cuts and burns amongst construction workers, making Vaseline a household name. Now, with a wealth of 144 years of expertise, we are launching the new body serum range which will define serums for body care and which is set to bring skincare to new heights. We are confident this new body serum range will add to the Vaseline range already available and will be well-received by women all over Malaysia.”

Vaseline body serum range is now available in stores for just under RM20.

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