Sekitar Pelancaran VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S Musim Kedua


‘The competition goes into high gear, with more award-winning mentor chefs, better prepared contestants and more challenging recipes…if Season 1 proved that it was a culinary show like no other, Season 2 promises to seal it as one of the most challenging culinary competitions on air’

VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S Musim Kedua

or over a decade BABA’S has been at the forefront of innovation in culinary programming locally, and thru its various highly successful cooking shows have established that they indeed feel the pulse of culinary enthusiasts in Malaysia.

Not only have their programmes over the years dared to stand different from the norm, but have proven to be trendsetters both with the recipes they feature….and the format of the shows!

VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S Musim Kedua

That’s was not always the case however.

While lavishing their fans has never been something BABA’S has shied away from; be it thru the sponsorship of grand celebrity filled live shows, blockbuster movies and even international sporting events, it is their culinary productions that have over the years established BABA’S not just as a household name in Malaysia but also anchored it as one of the leading homegrown leader brands!

Last October, local audiences were introduced to their latest evolution of cookshows, VS 1001 RASA BABA’S (pronounced VERSUS SERIBU SATU RASA BABA’S) which did not take too long to establish itself as one of the most watched cookshow on air locally. BABA’S as always promised something different and they more than delivered.

VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S Musim Kedua

“We have done a myriad of different formats over the years, from realityTV to no frills cookshows focusing on food and food styling, so we wanted to something a bit different with the new show” said Claudian Navin Stanislaus, Head of Advertising & Promotions at BABA’S.

He added, “our intention was to create a format that could highlight the talent of our local chefs and our customers, but after the first season we realized that what we in fact had was an actual a very competitive culinary contest with both the contestants and mentors not holding anything back in their effort to win each episode and it reflected in the emotions showed during each cookoff and winner announcements”

The format was indeed unique, as while each pair of contestant and mentor were competing for the pride of being the weekly episode winner, the contestants also had the chance of their mini recipe video earning them a chance at a Fina 4 CookOff – without mentors!

Mohd Khairul Fazly bin Ismail from Langkawi cooked up a storm during the Finale and won both rounds to take the RM10,000 Grand Prize, with the 2nd Prize Of RM3,000 going to Mohd Yusri bin Mohd Yusof and RM500 each to Intan Amira binti Abdul Aziz and Anis Dzahira binti Junaidi as joint 3rd Place Winners.

Navin said of Season 1, “the Finale and the Grand Prize were a bonus, as we’ve unearthed a host of talents from the weekly episode who may one day follow in the footsteps of Chef Dr Kamarul as a culinary celebrity”

While the first season was quite eye openwr the 2nd season promises to be even more nail biting.

“The talent of the participants during the audition were definitely a notch or two higher than Season 1, said Navin, “probably because they knew what to expect after watching the previous season. We couldnt put everyone in unfortunately, and therefore had to limit to 26 who were the very best of the best!”

For Season 2, VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S will have 14 mentor chefs to assist the contestants, all award winning chefs in their own right who stepped up to the challenge.

As with the previous season, Special Festive episodes featuring local celebrities will also be on the agenda, this time with a Gawai/Keamatan Special on May 30th, a Hari Raya Special on June 21st and a Merdeka Special on August 31st.

But before all the fun and frolics of the special comes the main competition!

VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S 2 will be on every Thursday beginning March 22nd, at an improved timeslot of 6pm and followed by a repeat of the episode the following Monday at 5:35pm.

If you are already an ardent fan, mark the dates down on your calendars so you don’t miss a moment. If you are not yet a fan, then it’s time to tune in to find out what all the fuss has been about – or at the very least participate in their Homeviewers Contest which promises fabulous cash prizes as always!

For more details and information about the show, recipes and the Homeviewers Contest you can log on to BABASANDU on FACEBOOK immediately!

VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S Musim Kedua

VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S Musim Kedua

VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S Musim Kedua

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