Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 – A Revolutionary Tablet

Inspiring a culture of active content creation and productivity with enhanced features

Samsung Malaysia Electronics, a leading global mobile phone provider, unveiled its latest mobile innovation, the GALAXY Note 10.1. Outfitted with the functionality and precision of a pen and paper on a 10.1-inch large display, the GALAXY Note 10.1 is designed to provide people with endless possibilities in elevating creativity and productivity.


Speaking at the launch of Samsung’s latest tablet novelty, Mr. Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. said, “The fast-paced nature of today’s lifestyle demands the utmost efficiency and ingenuity in people to juggle various hats successfully. The GALAXY Note 10.1 is specifically designed meet this specific need, offering people an enhanced mobile experience for creating personalised and expressive content.

“An extension of the GALAXY Note category, the new GALAXY Note 10.1 allows for immediate capture of ideas and their realization through sketching; thereby facilitating people’s most natural way to be productive and creative. Built with advanced technology and enhanced features, this intuitive slate lends the power to produce, create and customise content seamlessly.”

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Enhanced Productivity
The GALAXY Note 10.1 incorporates augmented capabilities and intuitive features to deliver people with an unprecedented multitasking experience with its Multiscreen feature. People can now utilise two different applications side-by-side simultaneously on the expansive view of 10.1-inch screen. Multi-tasking has never been easier with the GALAXY Note 10.1 be it viewing of videos or browsing the web whilst taking notes or sketching ideas with the S Pen on the other half of the screen. Furthermore, people can freely capture and crop images, and paste them onto the other screen to make personal notes and enhance productivity and creativity.

Creative Expression
Optimised for the creation of personalised content, the S Pen gives people a new freedom and enjoyment of multimedia content consumption and creation. The capture and editing of images can easily be done through the Adobe® Photoshop® Touch application and the use of the S Pen that offers superior precision.

Designed to help people express their thoughts in the most intuitive and natural way, the use of S Pen is linked seamlessly to the customisable launch of various applications such as, S Note, S Planner, Crayon physics, Adobe® Photoshop® Touch, and Polaris Office. The simple act of tapping on a dedicated S Note widget twice whilst pressing the S Pen lends quick access to the application, allowing people the luxury of combining notes and sketches with other digital content in ready-to-use templates.

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Further, the Shape Match and Formula Match features of S Note help correct and digitise geometric shapes, as well as solve numeric formulas hand-written with the S Pen. In line with increasing productivity, the S Note is also integrated with knowledge search engines, giving people the flexibility to search for content, obtain information, and easily drag and drop content onto S Notes without having to switch between screens.

Learning Capabilities
The GALAXY Note 10.1 is optimised as a learning through Samsung’s Learning Hub that allows people access to extensive multimedia educational content for all ages. People can easily take notes directly on an eTextbook while watching lectures, or research the Web. eTextbooks comprise of a rich selection of video lectures and interactive coaching that can be shared with multiple Samsung devices. Furthermore, Learning Hub features a learning management system that provides schedule and performance monitoring tools for people of all age-groups to enjoy learning at their own pace. Currently available only in selected countries, Learning Hub will be downloadable via Samsung Apps in Malaysia by the end of 2012.

Underscoring the intuitive yet functional features of GALAXY Note 10.1 is its superior hardware performance. Constructed with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of internal RAM, a 5-megapixel main camera, seamless multi-tasking, high-standard graphics, and blazing-fast performance without any lag are essential experience offered by the GALAXY Note 10.1.Other features contributing to an enriched experience with the GALAXY Note 10.1 includes Smart Stay, All Share® Play and Pop Up Play. The AllShare® Group Cast feature allows people to share and collaborate on documents, presentations, or images without loading the files separately.

Designed especially to complement the expeditious nature of modern lifestyle, The GALAXY Note 10.1 device is slated to bring people a new culture of creation, yielding an entirely new experience to improve productivity and creativity.

For more information on the new Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, please visit or visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook page at

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