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Samsung Doubles Up the Memory to 64GB for the Galaxy A6 & A6+

In recent times, our mobile phone’s storage has become essential, as we are increasingly showing and expressing our true colors through creative and lively photos and videos. This however, is often hindered by limited storage space.


To ensure that you have enough space to store all your precious moments, Samsung Malaysia is now offering double the memory storage for the new Samsung Galaxy A6|A6+, so that you are able to easily manage your photos and videos without the hassle of transferring your files!

From the 6th till 5th August 2018, every purchase of a new Galaxy A6 or A6+ will entitle you to an additional 32GB microSDcard on top of its 32GB internal memory! Besides that, you can also choose to trade in your old phone for RM100 to own a new Samsung Galaxy A6+!

For more information about Galaxy A6+ trade-in program, please refer to:

To find out more about the Galaxy A6+|A6, please visit:

Galaxy A6+:

Galaxy A6:

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