Rating Hit Red FM

RED FM : A ratings hit

Red FM and Suria FM continue to maintain a solid presence in the Malaysian media landscape as the results from the second Nielsen Radio Audience Measurement survey 2011 are released.

Growing consistently for four years, this period was no exception for Red FM as its listenership increased by a steady 36% year-on-year in total cume. Its growth was partly boosted by a remarkable year-on-year rise in the performances of three shows namely the Red FM’s Eleven 2 Three show at 68%, the Red FM’s Drive show at 21% and the Red FM’s Evening show at 27%. The station captured a further year-on-year increase of 30% in exclusive audience. Making an impact on households earning RM5000 and above, Red FM’s appeal in the said segment rose by 29%.

Suria FM attained a remarkable achievement in its year-on-year total cume listenership as it shot up with an additional 451,000 listeners. The station generated the highest cume growth among key Malay radio stations with an impressive year-on-year audience expansion in significant segments. The audience for those segments comprise of exclusive listenership escalating by 120,000 listeners; weekdays by 392,000; weekends by 300,000; and the Breakfast@Suria by 281,000.

Azrullah Mohd Nor, the Chief Operating Officer of Red FM and Suria FM said: “With its wide reach and easy accessibility, radio remains a major source of music, entertainment and information for the masses. Radio is still very much relevant as people need a convenient medium that will fit into today’s busy lifestyles. The synergy with various platforms has also expanded the reach of radio as well as enhanced the listeners’ experience. Innovative technologies in computers, mobile phones, MP3 players and other gadgets have enabled radio to continue engaging the present audience while capturing new listeners. This greater interactivity is an exciting progress for everyone involved.”

He added: “We wish to thank our listeners, advertisers and partners for coming with us on this journey. It is gratifying to see that these encouraging results are also the product of hard work by our teams. We continue to be driven in developing more stimulating and entertaining content in addition to a variety of on-ground activities.”

Written by Budiey

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