The Most Popular YouTube Ads in Malaysia

Today Google released its YouTube Ads leaderboard for the months of July-September for Malaysia. This list represents the 10 ads on YouTube that resonated most with audiences across the country over those three months. This leaderboard celebrates the brands that performed best in Malaysia, through a combination of popularity (organic views) and promotion (paid views).

With Hari Raya and Merdeka celebrations falling within the three-month period, it’s no surprise that six out of the ten ads were related to these two big occasions. What all the six ads do really well is tell a great, emotional story — around the theme of unity, diversity and overcoming adversity for Merdeka; and of family, homecoming and nostalgia for Hari Raya.

The leaderboard is yet again dominated by ads that were born digital, with formats created specifically with YouTube’s audience in mind. If we look at the length of the videos: all 10 are well beyond 30 seconds, and in fact three are past the 7 minute mark. This shows that viewers on YouTube will watch longer videos from brands as long as there is a strong story.

This time around Malaysian ads made up the majority of the top 10, with only 2 out of 10 videos from global brands. In the previous quarter’s ads leaderboard the situation was reversed. This shows that online, geographical borders are fluid and Malaysian advertisers are vying with the rest of the world to get their message across.

  • 1 Maxis: It’s ok. We’re family – Maxis Merdeka 2014
    2 Astro: [Raya 2014] Aidilfitri Astro Kosong Kosong – Zizan Razak (Jiranku, Musuhku)
    3 Samsung: Samsung GALAXY Note 4 – Official Introduction
    4 Malaysia Airlines: TERBANG, A Malaysian story – #flyinghigh – Merdeka 2014 short film
    5 Nissan: Atuk (Nostalgia Raya Bersama Nissan 2014)
    6 KLM: Lost & Found service
    7 IKEA: Experience the power of a bookbook™
    8 TV3: Muzik video Anugerah Syawal Bunkface 2014 – TV3
    9 Cornetto: Hikayat Po and Lang Episod 2
    10 Proton: Proton Sepanjang Raya

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Written by Budiey

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