Persembahan Touching Tomok & Arrian Rockstar Junior Trending di Youtube Malaysia

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Last 7 days (October 20)

The Russian Prime Minister covered his face in embarrassment after the agriculture minister misspoke and said that they were exporting pork to Indonesia instead of South Korea.

2. ‘Saya Tak Pernah Dengar Haiwan Nama Kaktus’ Alif satar perli Clever Girl

A clip from Clever Girl Malaysia has viewers face-palming after a contestant said that the non-scientific name of the bird Raphus Cucullatus was a cactus.


The trailer for the locally-made action-adventure film caught the eye of movie buffs as it tells the tale of the Tombiruo, a magical creature who controls the forest.

4. Persembahan menyentuh hati Tomok & Arrian I Rockstar Junior (LIVE MeleTOP)          

 Arrian, the son of singer, Tomok, has stolen the hearts of Malaysians after an adorable performance with his father in Rockstar Junior.

5. [Live] AF Megastar Live Plus Minggu 7 (Semi Final)

Fans of AF were kept on the edge of their seats as they root for their favourites in the semifinal round by catching the show’s 3-hour live stream on YouTube.

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