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Pengambaran FIlem Banglasia Arahan Namewee Kini Bermula

Controversial filmmaker Namewee started shooting his latest movie titled “Banglasia” today with a multinational casts from Malaysia, Singapore and Bangladesh. This new action comedy is produced by Fred Chong, Prodigee Media (Nasi Lemak 2.0, Hantu Gangster and Kara King).

Namewee BANGLASIA - PC Opening Shoot Day (11June2013) copy

Executive Producer, Fred Chong said

“We are very happy to be able to bring together a diverse group of local and foreign stars to be part of this new film including Nirab (Bangladeshi star), Saiful Apek (local comedy star), Atikah Suhaimi (Singaporen actress), Dato Aziz Sattar (local legend), Dato David Arumugam (veteran singer), Lao Zha Bo (Singapore) and many more.”

Namewee said:

“Banglasia” is a story inspired by the changes (both positive and negative) that is happening in our country now. I strongly believe this is story that needs to be told through my own narration and style. Even though my films can be presented in a comedic manner, I really hope to bring more awareness to the serious issues our country is facing today.”

“We are hoping to release this film during Chinese New Year in 2014, but that really depends on our film authority Finas’s Compulsory Screening Scheme. Local audiences here have been watching similar kind of movies every year during the festive season, so I think it’s time for them to experience something fresh next year, provided that my film can pass censorship!”

“I have been told that the title is very rude and controversial, which is why I flew all the way to Bangladesh to carry out my research, and what I found is that ‘Bangla’ is a word commonly used by everyone so I hope we do not jump to conclusions and take the word out of its context. It has truly been a eye-opening experience for me in Dhaka, it made me appreciate the contribution of foreign workers in my country even more”

Fred Chong said

“We are very serious about this film, which is why we flew to Dhaka to carry out special audition to select our leading actor. Nirab is a handsome celebrity in Bangladesh and has starred in many films, his heroic good look makes him an ideal candidate for our story, which is why we are very fortunate to have him, I believe audience here will fall in love with him!.”

Saiful Apek said:

“I’ve been in contact with producer Fred Chong for quite some time trying to work together. Having personally watched their films like ‘Hantu Gangster’ and ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’, I really like the idea of a multi-lingual and multi-racial Malaysian story; our country needs more people like them to create more ‘Muhibbah’ movies. As a veteran actor, I’m really excited to be part of ‘Banglasia’.”

founder of MBI International, Tedy Teow.

“Banglasia” is a joint collaboration between Prodigee Media and MBI International. “I’ve been a great believer of Namewee and we feel that this film has a strong positive message to all Malaysians so I hope more Malaysians will continue to support films from Prodigee Media.”

Good luck Namewee

Banglasia - Main Casts (11June2013) copy

Namewee (Banglasia)

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