Peluang Terbang Ke Korea & Makeover Oleh Sandara Park

One Lucky Malaysian To Stand A Chance to Fly To Korea To Get a Makeover Done by Korean Celebrities such as Sandara Park

What’s better than a free makeover? A free makeover done by Korean stars of course!

Sandara Park

Korean broadcasting network, JTBC, recently released a reality beauty programme called Mimi Shop, which is available to stream or download on Viu Malaysia. First aired on 25 April this year, Mimi Shop is a reality show that focuses on a makeup store in which Korean celebrities will act as makeup artists.

In partnership with PCCW and JTBC, Viu Malaysia is hosting a contest which will see one lucky winner flying to Korea and receiving a makeover by Korean celebrities. They will also have the opportunity to be featured in a special episode of Mimi Shop.

The celebrity makeup show features K-pop idol Sandara Park alongside Tony An, rapper Cheetah, actress Shin So Yul, and model Kim Jin Kyung. They give their guests a makeover while talking about K-beauty, life, love, dating, and more. With Sandara Park having the experience of hosting a beauty program in the past and Cheetah being known for her amazing makeup skills, the show anticipates exciting results from the celebrities.

Viu Malaysia will be flying over one lucky Malaysian to Korea to experience the makeover of a lifetime! On top of that, the lucky winner will get a chance to meet the hottest K-idols and also be a part of Mimi Shop’s special episode alongside Sandara Park and Tony An!

To participate, interested individuals must:

  1. Follow Viu Malaysia on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Share Viu Malaysia’s contest post on their own social media
  3. Take a video of themselves in English on why they would like to get a makeover in Mimi Shop and what type of look they would want to achieve and why
  4. Follow the link in the contest post and complete the brief online application form

Contest ends 3pm on 8th July 2018. Hurry, join now and stand a chance to be the lucky one to meet Sandara Park and Tony An. Terms and conditions apply.

Written by Budiey

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