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Oh!K Star League 2017 Facebook Contest

The most anticipated time of the year is just around the corner for all Malaysian K-pop fans. The MBC 2017 Korean Music Festival will kick off on 31st December 2017 and Oh!K (Astro Ch. 394) will be airing it LIVE this year!

Oh!K Star League 2017 Facebook contes

To keep the excitement alive throughout the month of December, Oh!K will be hosting their very own Oh!K Star League 2017 Facebook contest! During this contest, fans will get the opportunity to win K-drama themed plushies (think Goblin!) every week just by nominating and voting for their favourite Oppas, Unnies and Noonas in three different categories.

Oh!K will be taking in nominations from 4 – 10 December while casting of votes will take place from 11 – 31 December in the following sequence:

ü  Week 1 (11 – 17 Dec): Oppa of the Year

ü  Week 2 (18 – 24 Dec): Most Haengbok Smile

ü  Week 3 (25 – 31 Dec): Best Couple Bbo Bbo 

For more details about the contest, click here.

Written by Budiey

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