New Trailer Official Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

New Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer Official

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2′ Hits theaters on July 15th, 2011.

In the epic finale, the battle between the good and evil forces of the wizarding world escalates into an all-out war. The stakes have never been higher and no one is safe. But it is Harry Potter who may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice as he draws closer to the climactic showdown with Lord Voldemort.

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes and Bill Nighy

Trailer Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The end begins as Harry, Ron, and Hermione go back to Hogwarts to find and destroy Voldemort’s final horcruxes, but when Voldemort finds out about their mission, the biggest battle begins and life as they know it will never be the same again

The Film Begins with Deep in the Dark Woods, Lord Volemort Breaks Open dumbledore’s Tomb and Steals the Elder Wand and Strikes the Main Titles (Used from Trailer)

Harry is devastated by Dobby’s death, and when he buries him he does so by hand, without using magic. When they all come out to lay Dobby to rest, they thank him for saving their lives.

After the funeral, Harry questions Griphook about the sword, with which he managed to escape. Harry needs Griphook to help him break into Gringotts bank, because he now thinks that another Horcrux is hidden in Bellatrix Lestranges vault. Griphook tells them he’ll think about helping them and let them know when he decides.

Harry also questions the wandmaker, Ollivander, asking him if its possible to fix his broken wand. Ollivander cannot fix it. Ollivander does tell him, however, that Voldemort really is seeking the Elder Wand so he can evade death.

Soon after questioning Ollivander, Harry begins to truly understand what hes meant to do. Hes supposed to destroy the Horcruxes and not go after the Elder Wand.

Griphook has finally agreed to help them break into Gringotts. The only hitch is that he wants Gryffindors sword in return. Harry agrees, but inwardly squirms at the thought of his white lie. He will give the sword to Griphook, but he doesnt tell him when.

One night Lupin shows up suddenly and announces that he and Tonks have had a boy. They’ve named him Ted, and the group gets to celebrate for one night. Lupin asks Harry if hell be a godfather to the baby, and Harry agrees.

Their plan is simple: Go with Griphook, with Hermione disguised as Bellatrix Lestrange in order to access her vault. As Harry stole Bellatrix’s wand during their tussle at Malfoy Mansion, they have her wand and even some of her hair for use in the Polyjuice Potion.

When they Apparate into the Leaky Cauldron they’re surprised to see how bad Diagon Alley looks. There are many more shops dealing in the Dark Arts, and most of the nice ones have closed down.

Their plan goes reasonably well. Hermione makes a very convincing Bellatrix, and with only a few snags Griphook manages to get them down to her vault. Its guarded by a half-blind dragon, but they get past that obstacle fairly easily thanks to Griphook.

Suddenly things start to fall apart. They’re discovered to be imposters and the treasure in the vault starts multiplying every time its touched. Harry manages to spot what they came for: Hufflepuff’s cup, which he is sure is a Horcrux. He just manages to get it before They’re all crushed to death. Griphook escapes with the sword, and Harry, Hermione, and Ron manage to get back out of the bank on the back of the half-blind dragon.

When the dragon finally gets them down low enough they jump into a lake, somewhere far away from London. Once they’ve treated their many injuries, they discuss the fact that they lost the sword they so desperately needed to destroy the Horcrux.

Suddenly Harry has a vision of Voldemort, who just found out that they took the golden cup from the vault. His rage is apoplectic. He kills almost everyone around him, and he cant believe Harry knows so much about his past and his Horcruxes. Voldemort now is no longer sure the rest of his Horcruxes are safe and realizes he must go check on all of them immediately to make sure.

As Harry comes to he realizes that the last physical Horcrux, other than the snake Nagini, is at Hogwarts. That is where they must go next, and soon, because Voldemort will be checking to make sure its safe.

As soon as they Apparate into Hogsmeade Village, a scream rends the air, alerting the Death Eaters to their presence. They’re taken in by the barkeep of the Hog’s Head, who hides them from the Death Eaters and makes up an excuse for the alarm going off. Once he’s thrown them off the trail, he closes the door and looks Harry, Ron, and Hermione up and down. Harry suddenly recognizes him as Dumbledore’s brother. He finds out that Aberforth is the one who sent Dobby to rescue them when Harry shouted into the mirror.

Aberforth also tells them the truth about Dumbledore’s past, and agrees to help them get into Hogwarts. He speaks to the portrait of his dead sister, Ariana. She leaves and brings back none other than Neville Longbottom.

Neville is overjoyed to see them but Harry is horrified at Neville, who looks like he recently was beat almost to death. Neville leads them through an opening behind the portrait, down a long, dark hallway. Its the last secret passageway into Hogwarts. As they walk, Neville fills them in on whats been happening at Hogwarts. Its been horrible, and the three cant believe at how different things are at the school.

When they get to the school, they are surprised to come out in the Room of Requirement. There is a cheering crowd waiting for them, and they’re all happy to see their old friends again.

Theres an argument, however. Harry knows that they don’t have much time, but everyone wants to help him. He insists they stay behind, and he gets even more panicked when more and more people start pouring in from the Hog’s Head. Luna, Dean, Fred, George, Ginny, Lee Jordan, and Cho Chang all come climbing through. Harry, with some urging from Ron and Hermione, agrees to let them help. He figures out that they’re looking for Ravenclaw’s long lost diadem, a type of tiara she wore.

Harry goes to the Ravenclaw common room alone to look at a statue of Rowena Ravenclaw wearing the diadem, they’re met by one of the Death Eater professors, Amycus Carrow, who instantly touches the Dark Mark to alert Voldemort that they found Harry.

Harry stun the Carrows and begin to tell Professor McGonagall what they’re up to. They tell her that they must find the lost diadem before Voldemort gets into the castle. McGonagall tells Harry that she and the others will secure the castle against Voldemort as long as they can so that Harry can search for the diadem.

As they’re walking through the hall they run into Snape. He and Professor McGonagall duel fiercely with magic so quick that Harry has never seen the like of it. When the other professors show up to help McGonagall, Snape jumps out one of the windows to join Voldemort, who is now just outside the grounds.

The professors immediately begin putting charms and spells all around the castle to hold off Voldemort.

When Harry gets back to the Room of Requirement he’s shocked to see that even more people have shown up, including lupin, Kingsley, and Ron’s whole family.

All the Death Eaters, the Malfoy’s, Bellatrix, Snape, and Voldemort group together in the forest by the castle. All the other death eaters (around 400) take out their wands and destroy Hogwarts magical forcefield. They all Dissaparate, except Bellatrix, Snape, and Voldemort. Snape and Bellatrix conjoin their magic and make the largest dark mark over Hogwarts ever seen. Bellatrix disparates with the rest of death eaters. Voldemort agrees on where to meet, and Snape nods, then Disapparates.

Watching the dark mark from outside, McGonagall informs Flitwick to let all the of age students stay to fight if they wish, but escort the others to Hogsmeade where they can escape to safety.

In the Great Hall, teachers and prefects are sneaking the younger students out of the school before the battle begins.

The Order and the professors have agreed upon a battle plan and start splitting up. Many students who are overage have stayed to fight, and they’re all preparing for the battle that will come soon. The air is tense with expectation, and Harry, who is starting to panic, still does not know where to begin looking for the diadem.

As he races through the hallways, he has an idea. Everyone keeps saying the diadem hasn’t been seen by anyone in living memory. That does not, however, include ghosts. He hunts down Nick, the Gryffindor ghost, and asks him about it. Nick points him towards the Grey Lady, who is Ravenclaw’s ghost, and Harry asks her about the diadem. She tells him that she was Rowena Ravenclaw’s own daughter, and that she was the one who stole the diadem from her mother. She also confesses that she revealed the location of the diadem to one other student, Tom Riddle.

Harry runs into Hagrid after talking with the Grey Lady, and suddenly he knows exactly where the diadem is. He realizes he saw it last year in the Room of Requirement, when he went in to hide his Potions book. Its a tiara, on a stone bust, in that junky old room. He can’t believe it.

Hermione and Ron sneak into the Chamber of Secrets, where they are attacked by a giant tsunami of Voldemort. They retrive a fang from the almost decayed body of the basilisk and kill the cup. After the “life flashing before their eyes” moment is over, Ron and Hermione lean in, and kiss.

As he’s racing to the Room of Requirement he finally finds Ron and Hermione, who had the brilliant idea to go down into the Chamber of Secrets and get some basilisk fangs, which is one of the only other things that can destroy the Horcrux. Hes amazed at their brilliance. Hermione has already destroyed the cup.

The battle has begun and they race even harder to get there. When they finally get the Room of Requirement open, they begin searching for the stone bust on which Harry knows the diadem sits. They’re disgusted to find out that Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle and Blaise Zabini are in the room as well.

They begin to duel and Harry just manages to grab the tiara before the piles of junk bury it forever. Blaise was disarmed by Harry and then stunned by Hermione. The room catches on fire from a spell and they manage to get out, saving Malfoy and the stunned Blaise Zabini in the process. Goyle is burned to death by the Fiendfyre.

After they get out, they happily realize the tiara got destroyed in the magical fire, but suddenly Percy and Fred come into view, dueling with two Death Eaters in the hallway. Suddenly the wall is blasted open from the outside, and Fred is killed in the explosion.

Many students (many Quidditch players) fight off death eaters in the Quidditch pitch. The Quidditch pitch is burned down afterwards by death eaters.

A montage of things show: Gryffindor Common Room being broken into, Herbology Greenhouses being destroyed, Centaurs and elves fight death eaters, many ogres and giants destroy whats left of Hogwarts,and Death Eaters start a gigantic fire.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione have to drag Fred’s body out the way, and Harry can’t permit himself to grieve. Out of the noisy hall, Voldemort’s magnified voice over says if Harry doesn’t turn himself in, in one hour, then he will kill every person who sides with Harry, and then he will kill Harry.

Harry decides to act when he sees Lupin and Tonk’s bodies being carried in. Hermione tries to stop him, but Harry leaves the great hall. As Harry is racing out, along with many other students running down the grand stair case, he’s stopped by Ginny who automatically kisses him. Without another word, she allows him to leave.

Snape and Voldemort stand at the boathouse. Voldemort sends several striking spells to the window at the Great Hall from there. After many “reducto”s, everyone gets out of the Great Hall (with the exception of several bodies (including Fred’s) before the Great Hall burst into a flame and caves in.

While they are in there, they hear Snape talking with Voldemort. Voldemort wants to know why the Elder Wand won’t work for him like its supposed to. He cant do the extraordinary magic that he thought he’d be able to, and he blames Snape for this. Because Snape is the one who killed Dumbledore, Snape is the wand’s true owner. He therefore must kill Snape in order for the wand to work properly, and he does this immediately, with no remorse, setting Nagini on Snape, and his body floats into the water.

Voldemort leaves the boathouse, and a hand (Harry’s) grabs Snape and pulls him to the dock. Snape quickly pulls out his wand, and extracts a memory and gives it to Harry. Snape tells Harry “Look at me”, then Snape slowly bleeds to death.

A large battle erupts on the Viaduct and Bridge (including a Neville and Bellatrix faceoff). It ends with the bridge collapsing, causing many unknown deaths.

In Snape’s (formerly Dumbledore’s) office, Harry stuns some Death Eaters wandering around the pensive.

He decides to look at Snape’s memory to see what he’d been trying to tell him.

What he sees is so shocking that he doesnt even know how to comprehend it. Snape, it turns out, had been in love with his mother, Lily, since he was a boy. He worshiped her, and even though he lost her to James, Harry’s father, he never stopped caring about her. While Harry was at Hogwarts Snape did whatever he could to protect him, and it was all done out of love for his mother.

Harry also sees that last year, after Dumbledore took the ring Horcrux that shriveled his arm, he had a limited amount of time to live in spite of Snapes best efforts to remove the curse. Dumbledore knew that Malfoy had been put to the task of killing him, and asked Snape if he would do it when the time came, since he was dying anyway. Events and memories unfold, and Harry sees that Snape was loyal, that he always was, and that perhaps he even cared for Harry in spite of his best efforts to hide it.

Harry also finds out that a piece of Voldemort’s soul is inside him, and has been since Voldemort tried to kill him as an infant. He must die in order for Voldemort to be truly defeated, and Voldemort has to be the one to do it.

Harry’s heart seems to beat harder and with more vigor now that he knows he must die. Now that he knows, he feels more alive than ever, and wonders if it will hurt. As he sits in the office coming to grips with the fact that he must die soon, he knows that he won’t duck out. Too many people have died for him already.

He can’t bear to say goodbye to anyone, so he doesn’t. Harry sees Neville on his way out, and tells him that if something happens to him, he must kill Voldemort’s snake at all costs.

As he walks across the grounds towards the Forbidden Forest, he’s flooded with memories of his time there. Everything is suddenly so precious, and he wishes more than anything that he just had more time to live his life. He realizes suddenly that the Snitch might open now that he is about to die, and when he tries it sure enough, it opens. The Resurrection Stone falls out. When he turns it, his parents, James and Lily, and Sirius, and Lupin all appear, ghostly white in the night. They stay with him as he walks to the middle of the forest to meet his doom.

When he finally finds Voldemort, it only takes a moment. There is a flash of green light, and SLOW MOTION OF HARRY FALLING, WHILE THE “MEMORIES” OF THE DECEASED SURROUND HIM.

When Harry opens his eyes he is alone in a bright mist. The more he looks around the more it looks like hes in some domed room. He thinks that he is in King’s Cross. He sees an ugly, small crying child and before he can do anything about it, Dumbledore appears.

Dumbledore tells Harry that he (Harry) is not really dead, and explains to him that because Harry let Voldemort kill him, that piece of Voldemort that was inside Harry is now gone. Harry still doesn’t understand why he’s not dead, however, and Dumbledore tells him that because Voldemort used Harry’s blood to regenerate himself, Lily’s protection is now inside both of them. His body keeps her sacrifice alive, and its because of this that Harry is still alive.

Dumbledore also tells Harry about the Hallows, and how all this time Harry has had the magical Cloak from the legend. He explains all about his true past, his duel with Grindelwald, and their quest to obtain all three Hallows for themselves. He is sad and bitter about his past, but is determined not to have any more secrets from Harry.

He also tells Harry that he has a choice to stay or go back, and Harry decides to go back. Before going back, he looks at the child for the last time when Dumbledore tells him to pity the living, not the dead.

When Harry opens his eyes again he’s back in the forest, face-down on the ground. He hears Voldemort, who is on the ground as well, telling someone to make sure hes dead. Soft hands touch his face, and a whisper asks if Draco is alive. He whispers that he is, and Narcissa yells back to the crowd that Harry is, indeed, dead. Voldemort makes Hagrid carry him back up to the castle to show everyone Harry’s body.

When they reach the grounds all the fighters of Hogwarts come out. Harry is still pretending to be dead, and his heart hurts to hear their grief for him. As Voldemort tortures Neville for trying to defy him, several things happen at once. Centaurs flood the grounds, shooting arrows at the Death Eaters; Grawp comes bursting out of the forest; and Neville manages to slice off Nagini’s head with Gryffindors sword, which he pulls out of the Sorting Hat.

A new battle rages on, and Voldemort runs into Hogwarts. Under his cloak, Harry follows him, intent on ending it for good. The battle is fierce, and Harry winds in and out, determined to get to Voldemort.

Many battle in whats left of the great hall. Bellatrix (who also almost kills Ginny) battles Molly Weasly on a table. As Bellatrix taunts, Molly kills Bellatrix and sends her off the end of the table.

In the great battle in the Entrance Courtyard, Harry reveals himself before Voldemort kills another person.

Voldemort confronts him, locks him up, and asks why he isn’t dead. Harry explains what Dumbeldore told him.

Voldemort releases Harry, and demands a duel to prove he’s the owner of the wand. Harry explains why he is the owner of the wand. Voldemort replies “Only I can live… forever.”

They break out into a slow motion duel. spell lock. Many VOICEOVERS from all movies strike while the 1 minute slow motion duel continues. The voice overs end with “Only I can live… forever.” and small lighting strikes come from the elder wand, to Harry’s wand, then to Voldemort’s hand, disarming him.

Voldemort is dead, and Harry is left alive, the true master of the Elder Wand.

After its over Harry wants nothing but to be alone. He sneaks out with Ron and Hermione in order to tell them everything that happened. They go up to Dumbledore’s office for one last talk with the Headmaster’s portrait, and Harry decides to release the Elder Wand because it causes more trouble than its worth. Dumbledore, it turns out, agrees with him. Before returning the Elder Wand, however, Harry uses it one last time to repair his old broken wand.

19 YEARS LATER Harry and Ginny have arrived at Kings Cross to see their kids off to school. Lily, their daughter, is not quite old enough, but James and Albus are leaving. Its Albus’s first year, and he’s very nervous that he won’t be in Gryffindor like his father. They run into Ron and Hermione, who are also there dropping their kids off. Everything ends happily ever after.

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