Natasha Poly New Face of L’Oréal Paris

Natasha Poly is the new face of L’Oréal Paris

Natasha Poly has taken the fashion world by storm. After winning a modeling competition in Mos- cow at the age of 15, she made her catwalk debut in 2004 with Emmanuel Ungaro. Since the Fall 2004–Winter 2005 season, her talent and determination have led her to appear in shows for more than 54 fashion houses, including leading international brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel and Valentino.

Natasha Poly Is The New Face Of L’oréal Paris

Discovered by Carine Roitfeld, then Editor of French Vogue, Natasha Poly has appeared on the cover of the magazine a record-breaking seven times. She has been a Calvin Klein icon, a Victoria’s Secret angel, and, in 2009, was selected by US Vogue as one of the top-models ‘of the moment’. Today L’Oréal Paris is thrilled to welcome her as an international Spokesperson.

“Natasha has a magnetic beauty that has established her major presence on the fashion scene in just a few years. Stunningly beautiful, our new Russian icon has a glamorous, edgy sense of style, complemented by a striking personality. I am thrilled to welcome one of the world’s most talented Super Models who has truly made her outstanding destiny”, says Cyril Chapuy, Global Brand Pre- sident of L’Oréal Paris.

At 25, Natasha’s story is a special one. She has followed a unique path that has taken her from her childhood in the small city of Perm near the Urals to international fashion stardom.

“It’s not a coincidence that I’ve taken on this role with L’Oréal Paris. Before becoming a model, I dreamed of being a professional makeup artist! I’ve always loved cosmetics and I always need to have my L’Oréal Paris products backstage at fashion shows” explains Natasha Poly. “Color Riche lipstick and Elnett hair spray are iconic products for me, and I’m so excited to be representing them”.

Natasha joins the L’Oréal Paris family which includes many elite Super Models such as Doutzen Kroes, Bianca Balti, Claudia Schiffer, Liya Kebede and Barbara Palvin, as well as international stars like Gwen Stefani, Patrick Dempsey, Jane Fonda, Hugh Laurie and Beyoncé Knowles.

INTERVIEW Natasha Poly
1/ What does it mean for you to be a L’Oréal spokesperson?
It’s a kind of achievement as it was a dream for me to be part of the L’Oreal Paris family. It’s a big honor for me and I’m proud to be part of it.

2/ What does the tagline “Because We’re Worth it” mean to you?
It highlights the power and strength of women.

3/ You have amazing hair. How do you keep it looking so perfect?
Hair is so important in the fashion industry, so I take very special care of it. I use Elsève Nutrigloss, a great range of products and from time to time I use a Kérastase mask. It’s important to keep my hair healthy, because of my job I have to bleach and treat it very often.

4/ Do you have any beauty secrets?
I do a facial massage in the morning and in the evening before applying my morning and night cream.

5/ Who is your beauty icon? Grace Kelly 6/ What gives you confidence?
Taking a very good care of my body and feeding my soul constantly are the keys for me to reach a well-balanced vision of myself…it makes me feel confident.

7/ How did you feel when L’Oreal asked you to become a Spokesperson?
I was so thrilled that I called my husband and family straight away! Such a thrill…

8/ What beauty/lifestyle advice would you most like to impart to your best friend/daughter/sister/ readers?
Loving yourself and thinking positive are the first essential rules to go through life. They’re also the most difficult…but it’s so important to reflect a good aura and strong charisma, no matter what you do!!!

9/ What do you pack with you when you travel?
Skin and hair products of course!

10/ How do you get ready for a red-carpet evening?
Of course wearing a unique amazing outfit…and doing my make-up myself, the thing I love to do the most!!!

11/ What do you carry with you to help you go through a long day on the runway?
Berocca vitamins and water!!!

12/ How do you manage to keep your complexion bright?
Yoga and swimming, to eliminate toxins out and have an “awake body”. Avoid the sun to keep a skin as healthy as possible!

13/ Do you ever use eye make-up to create a glamorous look?
Of course, I love make up – I always have. I like to create specific looks for special occasions!

14/ Are there any beauty secrets that you inherited from role models within your family?
My grandma gave me one of her books that I used to read when I was young, it’s a beauty book from the 50s. I read it all the time – it was my main source of inspiration!

15/ Why is beauty important to you?
It’s the external reflection of your inner beauty…which is the result of your own way of life. Be respectful and let your personality shine! That’s the best attitude that you can bring to the world.

16/ What does beauty mean to you?
It’s something that comes from the inside of you. It can come from happiness, from a dream or an inspirational moment.

17/ What is the best beauty advice that you have received and from whom?
It came from my mother: be yourself, don’t try to be somebody else. Learn how to know what is good for you. Study yourself, understand yourself.

18/ What’s your favourite hairdresser or salon?
Hairdresser: Luigi Moreno. Salon: Christophe Robin in Paris.

19/ What’s your favourite candle scent?
Diptyque candles. I love the “Baies” (Berry) scent.

20/ What do you do in order to stay in shape?
I work out and stay active. I do cardio, I run outside, I swim, I do yoga. I also tried pilates this summer and think I will try and do some more now…

21/ What are your eating habits? Is there any special diet or eating regime that you follow closely and why?
I do not eat meat or chicken. I love Seafood, fish and vegetables.

22/ What are the guilty pleasures on this regime?
My guilty food pleasures are French fries, sweets and pizza. Love it!!

23/ What is your favourite nail polish?
Color Riche Le Vernis ScarlettVamp…A must-have! So trendy, I love the bottles, it’s very classy, easy-to-carry and it lasts…
24/ What are your favourite movies?

a – Chanela – The Reader b – Gone with the Wind c – Malena
Why I love those 3 movies:
a- A very complicated love story. And I love Kate Winslet.
b- Beautiful romantic story, beautiful costumes and style. It brings back all the American memories and history.
c- Italian movie with the gorgeous Monica Bellucci. Perfect example of a sensual Italian movie. I love the colours, the styling of the clothes… It shows a very charming Italy.

25/ What is the book that made the biggest impact on you?
Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini : had a big impact on me because the story is in Afghanistan and the whole plot moves around a beautiful and amazing story of friendship.

26/ Who is your favourite writer?
Tolstoi: love the language, the way he writes and love all the Russian “portrait” of my country.

27/ What are your favourite 5 books?
Tolstoi: Anna Karenina
Paulo Coelho: Eleven Minutes
Paulo Coelho: Veronika decides to Die Perfume by Patrick Süskind
The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

28/ Who are the artists you admire or collect?
Murakami – I have a few pieces in my house Andy Warhol
Richard Philips
Denis Hopper
Marina Abramovic

29/ What are your favourite museums?
Natural History Museum in NYC

30/ Who are your favorite singers/groups?
Amy Winehouse Madonna
Guns ‘n Roses Kings of Leon Abba
Yeah Yeah Yeas Rolling Stones Mia
Alicia Keys Aerosmith

31/ Which places do you recommend in Russia?
Moscow: You feel the energy of a modern Russia, a lot happening.

St Petersburg: the classic Russia, the cultural Russia with great art and museums and great architecture.

Written by Budiey

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