Nailed IT x Queer Eye Crossover

At one point or another, while watching Nailed It!, we’ve all thought to ourselves, “Pfft. How hard can it really be?”. Most of us probably felt like we could do a better job but… let’s get real for a moment. Have you seen the elaborate cakes they were supposed to bake in T-W-O hours?

Nailed It X Queer Eye Crossover

Plus, if you’re not a maestro in the kitchen, chances are, your final product would most likely look like the ones below (the ones on the right, obviously)…

Nailed It X Queer Eye Crossover

Still feel like you could do a better job than the contestants? Well, well, well… we’ll try not to burst your bubbles and let the Fab 5 show you instead. I mean, if these 5 absolutely perfect humans can’t do it, how can we, the mere mortals, succeed? Find out how disastrous well the cast of Queer Eye did in this special crossover episode of Nailed It!

Written by Budiey

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