Merdeka Themed Public Service Primeworks Studios


In conjunction with the nation’s 53rd Merdeka celebrations, Primeworks Studios has come up with a series of public service announcements (PSA) to be shown on television screens in homes across the country.

Based around the theme of Pride, the announcements look at how we should be proud of our country, ourselves, our history, and about being different. Produced internally by Primeworks, they are the brainchild of Creative Director Douglas Khoo, and written by various scriptwriters including Sean Tang, Mohammed Fahrurrazy Halil & Carolyn Chua.

They feature a multiracial cast of various ages and backgrounds who have come together to shoot the announcements over a three day period. Themes of family, culture and heritage are all explored in the announcements.

“We wanted to showcase the uniqueness that makes us Malaysians, the small things that we take pride in and that we want our children to be proud of as well,” says Farisha Pawanteh, Chief Operating Officer of Primeworks Studios. “Since the Merdeka celebrations coincide with Primeworks’ second anniversary, we wanted to do something special to show our gratitude and appreciation to all the Malaysians who have made it possible for us to be known as a successful creative house. With these PSAs, we hope to raise the bar of public service announcements in the country in terms of creativity and production quality” Primeworks is also constantly looking to push the standard in the industry through its business of idea creation and production of various genres with multi lingual and multi platform programs.

“We are proud of how far Malaysia has come since independence and we take the same pride in Primeworks. Our company experience stretches back twenty six years to the inception of TV3 and viewers can see the fruits of this experience with our great new programs such as Welcome to the Rail World, Jejak Rasul 16, Sarjan Saji, Gadis Melayu 3, Fenomena Faizal Tahir, Semuanya Untukmu…Anuar Zain and many more coming your way soon. At Primeworks we believe that together, Malaysia and its citizens can continue to grow, becoming even more creative, inspirational and excellent in everything that they do.”

The public service announcements, which will be in English and Bahasa Melayu, will be aired from 12th August onwards.

Written by Budiey

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