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Melinda Looi Perkenal Koleksi Baju Raya Ready-to-Wear Berkonsepkan Kurung Moden

Melinda Looi Raya 2020 Ready-to-Wear is the Designer’s Latest Collection of Modern Baju Kurung

Welcome to Melinda Looi Raya Magazine, which presents the latest collection of modern Baju Raya from Melinda Looi, curated specially to celebrate the upcoming Raya season. In keeping with our rich culture and heritage, the Magazine Collection consists of traditional Malay garments that have been given a fresh, youthful interpretation. Using cool materials – mostly pure cotton mixed with viscose and dobby – the designs bring back the elegance of yesteryear. But, as with all Melinda Looi creations, with a modern twist.

Melinda Looi Raya 2020

The Baju Kurung, Kebaya and Kedah are crafted with traditional batik prints and, perhaps less traditional, sometimes embellished with lace. They are brought to life in a range of colours – from bright and bold hues like canary yellow, fuchsia and cerise, to softer tones of salmon pink. The kimono cuts, too, are eclectic – combining more androgynous boxy shapes with femininity and fluidity.

In her trademark style, Melinda Looi incorporates the clashing of prints within the collection, adding her stamp to timeless and classic Malaysian fashion pieces.

Melinda Looi Raya 2020

You can also see intricate beading details that have become woven into her DNA as a designer.

The collection is available at the designers website and after the MCO at the designers 131, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar showroom.

Today, as the world goes through a difficult time with the COVID-19 outbreak, we say a private prayer to keep as many people as possible safe. We also hope that the vibrancy of colours and designs in this collection can bring at least a little lightness and joy as we wait for the beginning of a bright new dawn.

Melinda Looi Raya 2020

A personal note by Melinda Looi:

“My priority at this point is not fashion, but helping frontliners as some might have seen from my social media postings on the #MODAforFrontliners campaign.

However, we should not allow this virus to affect our well cherished traditions and culture, may it be Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or else.

Maybe this Ramadan is a good time to seek forgiveness from mother nature and teach our children, by good example about compassion and togetherness.

And then when Raya comes, let’s celebrate! Raya must go on, our traditions must go on.”

– Melinda Looi
Melinda Looi Raya 2020
Melinda Looi Raya 2020
Melinda Looi Raya 2020
Melinda Looi Raya 2020


Melinda Looi started her journey on a scholarship at the La Salle School of Fashion in Montreal, Canada. It was her graduation collection in 1995 that catapulted her into the spotlight, earning her the Malaysia Young Designer Award 1995 in Kuala Lumpur.  

Since these early days, Melinda has consistently proven her ability and creativity earning accolades from many local and international awards, notably the prestigious Designer of the Year Award in 2004 and 2006 at the Malaysian International Fashion Awards, and in 2009 at the Mercedes Benz STYLO Fashion Awards. Melinda’s latest accolades include the Sport and Art Trophy from the International Olympic Council, Switzerland and being selected as a Malaysian representative at the 2014 World Fashion Week in Paris with one of her couture pieces being showcased as part of the World Fashion Exhibition, at various international fashion weeks. 

Today, Melinda Looi offers a diverse range of brands to her name, targeted at different customer groups and occasions: Melinda Looi Couture (bespoke tailoring) and Melinda Looi (ready-to-wear for day to night).

Besides working on her own fashion labels, Melinda is also involved in numerous and very diverse collaborations – from charities to eco-friendly events to art projects, as well as collaborations with international brands and corporates such as Swarovski, Levi’s, The Body Shop, TUMI, and many others. 


• President of Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA) 2019, Malaysia 

• IOC Sport and Art Trophy 2014, Malaysia/Switzerland 

• Malaysian Representative at World Fashion Week 2014, Paris, France 

• First 3D Print Fashion Show in Asia, 2013, Kuala Lumpur 

• Designer of the Year 2009, Mercedes Benz STYLO Fashion Awards, Kuala Lumpur 

• Designer of the Year 2006, MIFW, Kuala Lumpur 

• Designer of the Year 2004, MIFW, Kuala Lumpur 

• Most Dynamic Designer 2003, MIFA, Kuala Lumpur

Asia Pacifica Young Designer Award 2000, Hong Kong 

• ASEAN Designer Award 1995, Singapore 

• Cotton Award 1995, Japan 

• Malaysia Young Designer Award 1995, Kuala Lumpur 

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