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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2019 di Pavilion KL Pamer Lebih 80 Koleksi

KLFW 2019 kembali lagi untuk tahun ke-7. Jom kita tengok apa yang menariknya acara tahunan bagi fashionista ini.

Buat kali ke-7, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2019 (KLFW 2019) akan kembali menggegarkan pentas fesyen paling hangat yang akan berlangsung dari 21 sehingga 25 Ogos 2019. Hub fesyen terkemuka Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion KL sekali lagi bakal menjadi saksi kepada pementasan lebih 80 koleksi sedia pakai daripada pereka dan label fesyen lokal dengan kreativiti masing-masing.

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2019

Saban tahun, KLFW 2019 akan menyaksikan kehadiran lebih 150,000 tetamu dan peminat fesyen dalam lima hari pementasan koleksi sedia pakai untuk musim bunga/panas 2020.

Antara nama-nama besar akan menyerikan pentas tahun ini termasuklah Alia Bastamam, Rizman Ruzaini, Fiziwoo, Syomirizwa Gupta, Afiq M, Innai Red, Nurita Harith, Ezzati Amira, Jovian Mandagie dan MimpiKita.

Selain membantu pereka untuk berkembang, KLFW mengambil rakan kongsi industri dalam hal ini perjalanan fesyen ke hadapan, membentuk masa depan industri fesyen dan gaya hidup Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2019

Tahun ini, KLFW teruja untuk bekerjasama dengan jenama berprestij yang termasuk Lexus, Hp, Huawei Nova, Oris Watches, Lazada, Boost, Panasonic, Airasia dan banyak lagi.

Sejajar dengan bulan kemerdekaan, KLFW RTW 2019 turut melontarkan pameran bertajuk Thread of Heritage. Ia adalah usaha utama untuk menyemarakan rasa cinta pada fabrik tradisional yang akan bermula pada 10 Ogos sehingga 25 Ogos 2019. Antara koleksi yang bakal dipamerkan adalah koleksi Ikonik Tenun Pahang DiRaja, Royal Terengganu Songket dan Batik Kelantan by Yanas.

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2019

Lebih istimewa, Majalah fashionista tanahair iaitu GLAM turut menghangatkan lagi bahang KLFW 2019 dengan menyahut anda untuk menyertai peraduan di laman Intagram rasmi @glammalaysia bersama pereka fesyen RizmanRuzaini dan berpeluang untuk memenangi busana eksklusif rekaan RizmanRuzaini bernilai RM1,500 serta sepasang tiket untuk menyaksikan sendiri pertunjukan fesyen paling dinantikan ini. Kalau nak menang, cepat sertai peraduan ini.

Klfw 2019

An event that cultivates creativity in all forms, a platform that discovers uprising talents, a one and only fashion week that treasures Malaysian Ready-To-Wear labels – The annual Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week(KLFW) is returning for its seventh and fully set to flaunt everyone in a storm of fashion. Happening from the 21st to the 25th of August 2019, KLFW is presenting more than 80 Malaysian designers who are showcasing their Ready-To-Wear collections at the fashionable hub of KL city, the Centre Court of Pavilion KL. Without a doubt, nothing short of astonishing are anticipated this year.

Every year, KLFW welcomes over 150,000 people throughout the five-day event to witness the collections of our Malaysian designers. It was first conceptualised in 2013 as a B-2-C platform for Malaysian designers to showcase their Ready to Wear (RTW) collections and ultimately, it highlights the strength and creativity of the Malaysian Fashion Industry to an array of both domestic and international markets.

Over the years, the invited designers had showcased their best collections, exclusively for KLFW, be it the runway collection or the Spring Summer collection. This year, KLFW continues to push every possible boundary of all the homegrown designers, making sure that they are eagerly exploring within themselves with various challenges like, experimenting with different design elements or breaking away from their common design aesthetics.

Klfw 2019

While in terms of their business model, KLFW is constantly giving pivotal advice and consultation to designers in order to help them to be digitally-equipped by conducting business of fashion talk and etc. KLFW is extremely proud to see some of them are preparing for pre-order right after their shows and some are even adapting the see-now-buy-now culture.

Aside from helping the designers to grow, KLFW is taking the industry partners together in this fashion forward journey, shaping the future of Malaysia fashion and lifestyle industry. This year, KLFW is thrilled to collaborate with prestigious brands which includes LEXUS, HP, HUAWEI NOVA, ORIS WATCHES, LAZADA, BOOST, PANASONIC, AIRASIA and more exciting brand partnerships.

In the spirit of craftsmanship, independence and quality, there are four designers being selected to narrate their fashion designing journey alongside a motivational campaign namely#GoYourOwnWay by ORIS Watches​.

  • –  A-Jane, a Fashion Composer, she is formerly a musician, turned bespoke fashion designer who passionately trades music sheets to sewing needles;
  • –  Ridduan Ismail (TTFGA), a fashion photographer and fashion curator for Rafeoff, capturing from the aisle to the runway, translating moments from the pictures into wearable pieces; and
  • –  Joshua Fitton, Creative Director of Atelier Fitton, appreciates the contemporary and timeless aesthetics element in the view of gaining inspiration from his architectural background.
  • –  Tengku Sharifah Khatreena, Princess of Perlis cum ​Creative Director of Khatreena, ​and a globe trekker. With a sense of pride, she pursues knowledge in the fashion scene but remain respectful of the quality of how things are made, it is how each of her garments are made.

This year, KLFW is set to embark on a luxury adventure with the official car partner, ​LEXUS Malaysia that campaigning ​#WhatDrivesYou​. It highlights Malaysian’s favourite Alia Bastamam, and her inspiring tales of overcoming bumps of challenge as a creative director of the iconic brand in Malaysia which coinciding with the LEXUS’ brand story.

Klfw 2019

On a side note, LEXUS is also celebrating creativity in all forms by encouraging and supporting Malaysian doodle art community as part of their support to KLFW 2019. There will be a live competition whereby participants will apply doodle arts on a mock up of LEXUS NX Series.

Winning designs will be transformed into a LEXUS car decal which will then be showcased in front of the Pavilion Bukit Bintang main entrance throughout the five days of KLFW 2019.

Further accelerating KLFW’s digital efforts, ​HP Malaysia as the Official Notebook is launching a limited edition HP Spectre Series called HP Spectre Folio with their unique collaboration with Malaysia’s top designer, Rizman Ruzaini. A compact yet versatile laptop brand designed by designers; for designers.

Furthermore, three fashion illustrators will carry three units of HP Spectre x360 Poseidon Blue to sketch the must-have items during KLFW, and the fashionable attendees.

This collaboration with KLFW will be further enhanced with a video presentation featuring the pursuits of the creative process of three other homegrown designers – Afiq M, My Apparel Zoo and Yadotsa.

The initiative of HP Malaysia does not stopped after the show, they will be taking KLFW’s mission to help our designers to be digitally-equipped. Never before, introducing a tech-design initiative in Malaysia – HP Incubator x KLFW. It is a 6-months programme that allows fashion design students in Malaysia to participate in a curated tech-design workshop.

Top-notch fashion leaders and tech experts are ready to amplify the students’ knowledge and skills on the realities in the fashion industry as HP is eager to play a role in shaping the great future of our fashion designers.

KLFW continues its partnership with the rising tech-giant that sweeping society, ​Huawei​. One of the strong pillars of Huawei, NOVA is working with KLFW as the Official Smartphone partner on a collaborative merchandise designing campaign #WeAreNova. In early May, 30 major force designers being summoned by KLFW and they acted as the catalyst for the campaign by submitting their designs within only 2weeks.

Happened concurrently, an open contest was conducted on Facebook for #WeAreNova merchandise designs and managed to gather over 500entries within a month. Those entries were mostly from fashion enthusiasts and approximately 70 students from various local academies such as UCSI University, MIA, UITM, Raffles KL, LimKokWing University, and SML Fashion Academy.

The top 10 winning designs and designers’ merchandises will be presented during the Huawei Nova show segment during KLFW 2019. In regards to the availability of these nova merchandise, these items will be released later this year to the Malaysia market; hence, stay tuned for more information from Huawei Malaysia official Facebook page.

Thread of Heritage​, a truly Malaysian textiles exhibition under KLFW initiative in lieu with our national month. The objective of the exhibition is to spread awareness to the public on the appreciation of our local fabrics in view of its long durability, unique beauty and strong sense of pride.

The exhibition will be held in Pavilion KL from 10 August ​until 25 August, displaying Malaysia’s iconic textile fabrics such as Tenun Pahang Diraja, Royal Terengganu Songket and Batik Kelantan by Yanas.

With the ascending lifestyle of zero-waste living, KLFW speaks up for sustainability by bringing 13 young designers from the past winners and finalists of AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search (AARRDS) to be a part of ​Design to Sustain​. An effort to express support towards sustainable and ethical fashion while aligning with Commonwealth Fashion Council of UK, AirAsia and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

In early June, KLFW managed to gather the 13 eco-warriors at one of the biggest bundle shops in KL, Jalan Jalan Japan and each of them have been given an allowance for their purchase. With that, they are producing a look each by revamping and reconstructing those pieces into a brand-new design to be showcased during KLFW 2019.

Design To Sustain is also acknowledging fashion conscious by presenting BEVC and Tsyahmi x BijiBiji; Ayu by Tarik Jeans and SeanSheila on ethical fashion. In order to uplift the initiative even greater, KLFW is paying homage to two conscious organisations through recognizing SURI, a Malaysian social enterprise that empowers single and underprivileged mother by handcrafting products using up-cycled denim; Kloth, a movement to keep fabrics out of landfills.

Launching ​Fashion Forward Batik Malaysia​, an elevated initiative by KLFW to up-scale Malaysian Batik by gathering Malaysian batik textile makers and batik enthusiasts from the entire nation, celebrate Batik together as a whole, allowing all forms of Batik to be a part of this mission. Working hand-in-hand with the Malaysian batik pioneer, Kraftangan to sponsor batik textiles to 2 Kraftangan in-house designers and 4 young designers to design modern and contemporary pieces to be showcased during KLFW 2019.

Mr. Andrew started Fashion Forward Batik Kelantan when he was first approached by YM Tengku(Puan) Temenggong YTM Tunku Dato’ Hajjah Nurhayati to help promote Kelantanese Batik in 2017 and it has been a progressive success.

Every year, KLFW never failed to inspire and motivate our homegrown brands, assisting in any way they could to allow the brand to grow within the industry. There are brands that achieved their milestones with KLFW along this journey and just to name a few, Jimmy Lim is celebrating his 20th Anniversary in the fashion industry and Malaysia’s renowned celebrity, Fazura, as she celebrates her brand’s, Fazbulous, 5th year with Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

Not forgetting the power couple – Sean Sheila that have been running the brand for more than 6 years and they are celebrating their 5th year with KLFW too.

To kickstart the 7th year substantially, KLFW 2019 will be introducing 12 uprising homegrown designers on to the platform. Prepare yourself to witness an array of stunning collections by Techniq, Maqilla, Rafeoff by TTFGA, Sierra Chong, Mells, Duchess & Co, BevC, Pestle Mortar Clothing, Behati, TnTCo, and Wynka, Phyn Studio.

Marking their long-awaited comeback stage, dazzling shows are definitely expected from none other than the influential figures, Hatta Dolmat, Syaiful Baharim, and Silas Liew. They will be presenting their signature yet influential womenswear collections, where as, Megwak, a special collaboration between Meg, a local fashion designer and WakDoyok, a local influencer, on menswear.

Lastly, KLFW won’t live up to its name without these Top 10 Powerhouse Malaysian Designers which includes Alia Bastamam, Rizman Ruzaini, Fiziwoo, Syomirizwa Gupta, Afiq M, Innai Red, Nurita Harith, Ezzati Amira, Jovian Mandagie, and MimpiKita. Among the 10 amazing shows by these designers, one of them will be closing Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2019 with a phenomenal remark.

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week has always been a devoted force in terms of empowering the industry; they are constantly thriving under horrendous pressure yet persistently striving for perfection in order to brand Malaysia for the World. KLFW 2019 will continue to create a multitude of impactful moments for not only the homegrown fashion scene but the city of Kuala Lumpur.

It is set to be bigger than ever so put on your statement piece, fresh denim, sharp tailoring and head over to the one-stop fashion destination to be a part of the smashing event of the year, KLFW 2019.

Written by Budiey

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