Kim Hyun Joong Released Mini Album Lucky



SS501‘s Kim Hyun Joong has just released his 2nd mini album titled, “Lucky “!

Kim Hyun Joong who transformed into a rough & rugged bad-boy with his first solo album ‘Break Down‘ has changed his concept to a ‘chic and dandy’ gentleman for his second album ‘Lucky’.

Khj-Lucky_Cd Cover

Being released just 4 months after his first, ‘Lucky’ is already being highly anticipated by fans in Korea as well as the rest of Asia, and it is one that Kim Hyun Joong was once again very involved in. Kim Hyun Joong participated in composing and writing his own music, including “Do You Like That“, a punky rock & roll dance track that harmonizes the sounds of strong band instruments, as well as “Smile“, his first attempt at American medium R&B. “I’m Your Man” is a ballad track that combines the sounds of fifteen string instruments with the piano. He also wrote “U“, a sweet song he wrote specifically for his fans.

The album was produced by Steven Lee, who also produced Kim Hyun Joong’s first solo project ‘Break Down’, and hitmaker Taewan a.k.a C-Luv, making this album that much more complete.

His title track “Lucky Guy” features a rhythmical electric guitar and brass rock band sounds. It’s categorized as an up-tempo American punk rock song, something that Kim Hyun Joong has always wanted to try musically. To make it possible, he’s enlisted the help of the members of Day Break and Common Ground.

Kim Hyun Joong “Lucky Guy” imported album from Taiwan is out now in stores! This mini album also includes 4 pieces of Kim Hyun Joong post cards.


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