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Four Artists! KELUARGA Exhibition Morphosis Gallery In Publika Kuala Lumpur

Local and International Artists Celebrate Malaysia’s Diversity with Unity

A chance encounter of four artists at Morphosis Gallery in Publika led to the idea of ‘Keluarga’. Full of creativity and zest for art, all of them were looking for avenues to share their art with more people. And that is when the resolve to organise a joint exhibition came along.

Though at first, it was hard to find the common factor in their art but soon they realized how grateful they were to have lived in a country that is accepting of people coming from diverse backgrounds, age, race, and gender. It has very well reflected within this small group too; each of them belonged to a different ethnicity. A group of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Caucasian artists! 

Keluarga Exhibition Morphosis Gallery in Publika

This resonated so well with the term ‘Keluarga’ coined by our Prime Minister Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri bin Yakoob on August 22, 2021. In his inaugural speech he said ’Let us, with an open mind and accepting heart, bring to light our similarities and accept each other’s differences’. 

The artists decided to call the joint exhibition ‘Keluarga’. They wanted to showcase how Malaysia is truly a melting pot bringing people together and creating a platform where each one is accepted as his or her own. Artists Abby Zain, Felicia Loh, Shailly Gupta, and Jean-Francois Jadin have created and curated the artworks that range in colour, style, size and even medium of expression. 

The group is especially excited and hopeful as the pandemic is now behind us and a new era of togetherness ushers in. It is truly a showcase of not only their art but teamwork, time management and relationship building that goes behind the scenes.

All of them are artists & beyond and draw inspiration from what they do and feel along their other vocations as educators, coaches, designers, and corporate people. 

The exhibition will take place at Morphosis Gallery, B4-6-6 at Publika from May 28 to June 5, 2022, 10 am to 5 pm. H.E. Pascal Gregoire, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Malaysia will officially open the exhibition during a launch event on May 26, 2022 at 6 pm. 

Written by Budiey

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