Jessie Chung Signs With Beijing CTV Star

Jessie Chung has signed a three-year contract with Beijing CTV Star this afternoon. She is expected to start progress in China after her concert next year. Prior to that, she will start recording her English EP in Australia next week.

Jessie Chung has caught the attention of Beijing CTV Star Culture Development Co. Ltd and is officially the respective company’s artist. Her musical talent and a series of outstanding achievements have roused the interest of Beijing CTV Star; and after witnessing a night of dazzling performance at Jessie Chung Love Unity Concert, the company is especially convinced and assured by Jessie’s irresistible stage charm.


CTV Star Culture’s talent manager Huang Yan expressed, “China is now very talent-oriented. Only with multi-talents can one be established here.” Although she did not elaborate much on which direction Jessie is currently heading to, but she did share that new media is the trump cards for success, and viewer ratings are considerably high, chances of ratings explosion are very possible. Huang Yan also said, “Jessie’s own unique quality is unseen for in China right now. She has a knack of words and is also fond of China’s culture. This is the best foundation.”

Jessie said, “I appreciate the chance to progress in China, because the plans over there really interest me. After it’s become official, Eric Moo is now my senior brother, I’ve always admired him.” When asked of the directions she will be taking, Jessie answered, “I will give everything a try. This is a great learning opportunity.” Jessie’s original plan is to advance her singing career in the US, but the string of offers by Beijing CTV Star are difficult to dismiss, so in the end, she has decided for China.

When she was questioned on whether her husband will be following her, Jessie replied sweetly, “My husband is currently in the yacht business, most of his works are through the web. Now he has special interest in China’s automotive industry, so he will be accompanying me this time. But his Mandarin is quite rusty. At the moment, he is learning from the dictionary diligently.”
Through these years, Jessie has neverending ties with China. As recounted, she received her PhD in clinical medicine (oncology) from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine; and cast as a lead role alongside Jackie Lui, Liu Hua, Law Kar-ying, and Cheng Pei-pei in Faces, filmed in Nanchang, China. Jessie is also an avid practitioner of Chinese Wushu, and has won countless international Wushu medals.

Not only that, Jessie also has gained widespread recognitions in different platforms. She was involved in a number of movies, including Love in You, and Kungfu Taboo; and has released 7 albums and also a series of health-inspirational books. She is a singer, actress, musician, artist, author, Wushu practitioner, entrepreneur, philanthropist; expert in cancer, naturopathy, detoxification and health consultation. And in this official signing with Beijing CTV Star, there is so much ground for development and improvement in today’s dynamic entertainment industry. With a new environment, everyone could see a breakthrough in Jessie. Beijing CTV Star is an influential playmaker in big event planning, dance choreography production, artistes management, music production, activity planning, concerts, public relation, music distribution, advertisement and also new media and strategic entertainment marketing; and it is also the only cultural company to have CCTV’s professional creative team, planning, implementation, big event production, and also singers’ concert promotion and production.

CTV Star has the most dominant force of artist resource in the mainland, including artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan. From 2006 until now, CTV Star has successfully organized close to 100 grand cultural shows which has featured many prominent artists, and left footprints all over China provinces, municipalities, counties, and countless autonomous prefectures of ethnic minorities, and it has received concordant nods from each prefecture.

Artists signed to CTV Star are Eric Moo, Phoebe Huang, Christopher Downs, David Lui, and Ha Hui. Besides, CTV Star also manages star artists the likes of Jay Chou, Wilber Pan, Jolin Tsai, Elva Hsiao, Chen Luyu, Angela Chang, Winnie Hsin, and Shunza. Manager cum director Huang Yan personally came down to KL from Beijing to sign Jessie into CTV Star.

Jessie also disclosed that she will be staying in Australia for more than a month to record her English EP. Presently, Australian musicians have already completed 3 upbeat songs for Jessie. Although she did not fill the lyrics this time, but the theme and content are provided by her. Her latest English songs will be premiered to her fans in concert.

In the recent Jessie’s Love Unity Concert on October 17, the show has successfully raised RM130,000 for cancer patients and orphan children. She will again hold another concert on next year’s 26th February, at Megastar Arena, 730pm, to raise funds again for cancer patients and orphan children.


Written by Budiey

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