Jessie Chung Lancar Album Baru di Malaysia

Jessie Chung’s new album Tearless Sky at press conference dropped a bombshell. Jessie Chung whom has launched her new album Tearless Sky in Taiwan last month today at her Tearless Sky press conference in Malaysia dropped a bombshell – her almost-10-year husband, Joshua Beh, is going to officially renew their wedding vows in the US this coming September. On November 14, 2005, Joshua and Jessie walked down the aisle in Kuching; a splendor wedding party witnessed by some 800 friends and relatives and solemnized by three pastors. After almost a decade in union, Jessie and Joshua will continue their journey and commitment of love for each other.

Jessie Chung Lancar Album Baru di Malaysia


Regarding Jessie Chung’s Tearless Sky press conference earlier in Taiwan, Jessie recalled an unintentional slip-of-the-tongue – Jessie said her special gender identity is often discriminated in a rather customarily conservative Malaysia — had drawn unfavorable response from Malaysian media, most notably from 988 FM.

When asked on the reason Jessie’s hit singles are still not played on 988 FM’s airplays, Symphony Musical House General Manager Shireen Woon responded aptly to clear off the air of misunderstanding which might have emerged in some unavoidable experience with the program directors of 988 FM. Shireen clarified that 988 FM is not satisfied with Jessie’s new songs, seeing her as still under-the-fame singer in the music industry and that free airplay was not possible for new singers. In addition, 988 FM have never accepted to air any of Jessie’s songs and also many times rejected her on their radio show as well as commercial slot; given Jessie’s image is not appropriate to their standard as a nay-say. Later Jessie explained that she might have inadvertently made certain comments or actions in the past which might have caused upsetting tension between two sides and apologized if any as such.

Jessie Chung Lancar Album Baru di Malaysia

Jessie Remained Positive Albeit Rejection by 988 FM And Still Hope for A Chance

Jessie is still keeping the light of hope that her hit single Tearless Sky would be given a fair chance on 988 FM because that song is truly written for surviving cancer patients who still are triumphing over their lives; and help them to raise fund for treatment. She had worked much harder in recording Love in You and now Tearless Sky to redeem herself since her Chinese New Year album, seeing that as the root to 988 FM’s dissatisfaction towards her.

One of the reporter asked, “Don’t you worry that 988 FM will spurn you now that you’ve mentioned them?” Jessie replied, “I just hope that they would still give me a chance.”
Jessie also mentioned she is truly grateful to Ai FM for her previous hit single’s tenancy at the top of the chart for two consecutive weeks.

Jessie Chung Lancar Album Baru di Malaysia


When questioned about why Jessie has chosen Taiwan as her first stop to promote her album instead of her homeland Malaysia, Jessie commented that all promotional events are arranged by her manager, Shireen Woon, and was by no means in negligence to her Malaysian fans, but simply that her previous album Love In You was also first launched in Taiwan then Malaysia and had received generally positive reviews.

In Taiwan’s Tearless Sky press conference, famous variety show’s host Xu Nai Ling attended to show his support for Jessie and also acclaimed TV personality Ken Wu hosted the press conference for Jessie. Taiwan media have given Jessie high appraisal and this has reaffirmed all of her hard works.

In addition, since the launch of Tearless Sky in Taiwan, it had laddered up to the fourth spot on iRadio’s golden hits chart and also secured its top ten’s position on Popradio. Jessie revealed her contentment that this little achievement is the impetus to her motivation.

Jessie also responded to the fast-selling rate of Tearless Sky in Taiwan, with some of Taiwan’s record stores being completely sold out in less than 2 weeks. Even Jessie was jaw-dropped with disbelief when she saw her albums were no longer in shelf-display. Some bloggers were skeptical and cried foul that she could have bought most of her own albums and she also bought her way up the charts. Nevertheless, Jessie gave sincere thanks to all the supports from Taiwan.

Jessie also shared that her heart was deepened when some of the Malaysian netizens and critics have made apologies to her on their previous not-so-friendly comments. She could feel that attitudes and perspectives are slowly changing towards her personality and works; especially since her first album Love In You, her new album Tearless Sky has received wider acceptance from a majority of public.

Jessie Chung in Kangxi Coming literally becomes the show’s “live” background

Jessie was truly honored to become one of the invited guests at the popular Taiwan variety-comedy talk show, Kangxi Coming hosted by Xiao S and Kevin Tsai; and also at Genius Go Go Go hosted by Taiwan’s well-known TV host Hsu Nai Lin. Jessie still remembered her trembling moments on these shows. In this episode of Kangxi Coming which drew theme on the favorite vacation spots whom foreigners love to visit in Taiwan, Jessie had literally become the show’s “live” background because during her one-month’s stay in Taiwan, the only places she visited were bookstores and Tamsui District in addition to her busy working schedules: appearing on TV and radio interviews and new album promotion; she was mostly left out on the show; only succeed in a few short scenes as Kevin Tsai asked her some questions to get her out of sticky situation. Nevertheless, Jessie was still thankful that Kevin Tsai promoted her new album during the entire show.

Jessie Chung also mentioned she had turned down Super Lucky as she has never had her life fortune-told before and also to avoid being that show’s “live” background again.

Jessie Chung Regretted Turning Down The Voice of China

Jessie Chung disclosed that The Voice of China had invited her to participate but was refused by her, mainly because the production team wanted her to cover songs sung by Adele, Winnie Hsin, and Chyi Yu. Jessie told humorously, “I most possibly would be kicked out from the stage of The Voice of China before I even get the chance to step my feet on it.” Regretful of doing so, Jessie hoped that there will still be another shot on the show.

Busy schedules ahead with recordings, concerts, shows, movies and drama series

On November 7, Jessie has put together Jessie Chung Love Unity Fundraising Concert at Megastar Arena, Kuchai Lama to help raise fund for Jessie’s Cancer Fund and One Caring Heart Foundation for the same endeavor to alleviate financial burden of cancer patients and orphans. Malaysian veteran singers Fauziah Latiff and Ziana Zain will be Jessie’s invited guest artists on that day. The audience will get the opportunity to listen to the debut release of the Malay version of Tearless Sky, titled Langit Membiru on that day.

Jessie Chung’s first ever Malay album, which is titled Langit Membiru; it is re-written into Malay from Tearless Sky by Malaysian heavyweight record producer, songwriter and composer, Helen Yap, who has previously worked with international singers: Shila Amzah and Sheila Majid. Symphony Musical House and Warner Music Group Malaysia have already reached consensus on releasing Jessie’s albums. Langit Membiru is expected to finish production in November.

There will be also an English version of the album Tearless Sky in production in New York in 11/10/15. Jessie’s progress in the entertainment industry has caught attention from the US media primarily due to her previous writing in health columns on US publications. Her works have also been reported in the US media sourced from Taiwan media outlets. Jessie will also be having a personal concert in New York’s Flushing Town Hall after the recording of her English album.

Jessie’s first official movie as a leading actress in the film Faces, which is co-starred by veteran actors the likes of Jackie Lui, Law Kar Ying, Liu Hua and Cheng Pei Pei. The movie is set to be released in 40 cinemas nationwide in 15/8-16/8/15 and premiered at Sunway Pyramid TGV Cinemas on August 12.

Among the series of fundraising events this year, on June 26, Jessie will be performing in her close-up concert with autograph session at Wisma NHF to help raise fund for Jessie’s Cancer Fund and One Caring Heart Foundation insofar to provide financial support to cancer patients and orphanages.

Jessie stated that she has been invited by Taiwan notable director to lead-cast in a new film based on her true story and a drama series at the end of this year. She will be heading back to Taiwan again to close up on the details and preparation for both. In addition, there are few Taiwan’s companies which are showing interest in having Jessie as their brand ambassador.
There are also huge plans in the making in Beijing as Jessie is ready to get wider exposure in a bigger stage.

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