Inaugural Graduation Class of ENACT

Inaugural Graduation Class of Enfiniti Academy of Musical Theatre and Entertainment Arts (ENACT)

26th JUNE, 2011 – The Enfiniti Academy of Musical Theatre and Entertainment Arts (ENACT) celebrated its inaugural Graduation Day of the first Class of 43 dance and musical students at its campus in The Encorp Strand, Kota Damansara today.

The students from the “Starmaker Musical Theatre Bootcamp” and “Jazzing up Your Ballet” graduated amidst family and friends who gathered to watch them perform their much rehearsed graduating performances, staged at the Black Box Theatre, a multi-purpose performance space within ENACT’s sophisticated yet welcoming facilities.

Present at the occasion were ENACT founder and President of Enfiniti Vision Media; award- winning producer, actress and arts advocate Tiara Jacquelina; who addressed the gathering and handed over the certificates to the excited batch of 43 students whose ages ranged from 8 to 40.


The event opened with a welcoming address by ENACT’s course director, acclaimed actress and director Joanna Bessey. With her illustrious career as an extremely accomplished director and actor for television, film and theatre, Joanna was chosen to lead Tiara’s vision of ENACT as an “incubator of ICONS; trained in Malaysia, ready for the world.” Joanna welcomed the parents sharing with them her tremendous pride in how far the students had come since beginning their courses at ENACT.

“I must first congratulate the parents of the students here today for enrolling your children in an academy that allows them to express themselves creatively through the performing arts. The group we have graduating today is our inaugural group of students and I could not ask for a better group of students. They have been both dedicated and have breathed a gush a fresh air into the industry of performing arts. Their enthusiasm, curiosity and sheer excitement have rekindled and reignited the creative juices in all of us teachers. They have been nothing short of exceptional and have great attitudes. Each of them has come so far both in learning a craft and even in basic creative expression. This is what I find so amazing about performing arts. It opens up the spirit and teaches our children to be uninhibited in their expression of self. It encourages individuality and personality and boosts self-confidence to greater heights.


I am extremely excited today to show you how far they have come not just as performers but as confident individuals. The students have been rehearsing throughout their course to perform today. For some it will be their first time performing in front of a live audience and I wish them the best. I am sure they are going to be a great asset to our growing Performing Arts industry and this is a step in the right direction in creating world-class talent who are home-grown in Malaysia.”

Following Joanna’s opening address, the attending crowd of parents, friends and media welcomed award-winning choreographer and dancer Suhaili Micheline; the course director of “Jazzing up Your Ballet” who shared her experience of teaching the class. The graduating class from the “Jazzing up Your Ballet” course, an intensive five-day course consisted of 2 graduating classes from the 8-12 years category and teen and adult category. Suhaili’s address was followed by a charming, enthusiastic performance by the graduating students.

“There are always two factors that make me happy when I teach dance to new strangers, new faces and even new bodies in space…and that is the beginning of friendship and trust. Each one of my students who are graduating today has shown determination, confidence and a style of their own. I want to thank each one of them for eliminating all negativism related to dance and changing their attitudes from „I CAN‟T DANCE to „I CAN DO IT‟. By changing their internal attitudes, they have managed to rediscover themselves and reclaim their souls through movement. Well done!

My course focused on the importance of safe dance practice, showmanship and various basic dance techniques. What most people see is the choreography, but to be able to pull them off, dancers have to learn take care of their own bodies. Every choreography has a certain level of technique and showmanship that comes with it and this is what I thought my students during their 5-day introduction to dance workshop.” explained Suhaili.

The performance by the graduating class of “Jazzing up Your Ballet” was choreographed by the students themselves and consisted of various genre of dance including ballet and jazz.

The second group of graduates consisted of 15 graduating students from the “Starmaker Musical Theatre Bootcamp”. The graduating students completed a 5 weekend intensive “bootcamp”, focusing on the 3 main disciplines of musical theatre – Singing, Dancing and Acting. Course study included the following sessions; Musical Theatre Appreciate & History, Theatre Etiquette and Professionalism, Text Analysis & Character Development, Acting Techniques, Vocal Technique and Singing as well as Ballet, Jazz & Theatre Dance. The course culminated with a final performance for family and friends performed at the graduation ceremony today. The graduating class performed song and dance choreography that included Summer Lovin, Mamma Mia, All That Jazz and You Can’t Stop the Beat.

This is the 3rd “season” of the Starmaker Musical Theatre Bootcamps run by Enfiniti, with the aim of training more young professional musical theatre performers for a professional career in this fast-growing industry.

Both performances were followed by the handing out of certificates to the graduating class, by ENACT founder Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina who addressed the crowd.

“My aim for setting up ENACT was to shape the future of the Malaysian Arts Industry by continuously producing the highest calibre of artistes, performers and entertainers as well as producers, directors, writers, stage managers and designers, who will be ready for a future career anywhere in the world. Watching the graduating classes perform here today, I can confidently say that we have taken our first step toward making this dream a reality.”

The unique difference between ENACT and any other performing arts academy, is that the environment here is more of a professional company in rehearsal, rather than that of an educational institution. ENACT is not just a school. Here, students are also exposed to the way a professional company operates, and to all the different disciplines involved in putting on a production.

During one of the sessions, the students shared about how liberated they felt, living their dream of learning to perform, after living their parents dreams of studying to be accountants, lawyers and scientists. Many shared that they came out of their shells and found a new confidence, a “second wind” even. Hearing this from the students, I know there is a higher reason for my answering this “call”, remarked Tiara.

ENACT’s inaugural graduation ceremony was wrapped up with slideshow by Jay Redza, a graduating student from the “Starmaker Musical Theatre Bootcamp”. A professional photographer and director, Jay put together a slide show showcasing the “Making of a Star” which featured photographs of the students from their first day leading up to the graduation day. The slideshow highlighted the tremendous fun the students had during their course and how much they had learnt and honed their craft.

Course director Joanna closed the event with an announcement on ENACT’s upcoming workshops and classes. In October, ENACT will be having weekly dance and drama classes open to all age groups including industry professionals. In December, a fun and exciting musical theatre workshop for children called “School’s Out, Musical Theatre’s In!” will be held for children aged 8-12 and teens aged 13-17. For further enquiries regarding the courses offered or the facilities available, contact Enfiniti Academy at [email protected] or call +603 6142 9877.


ENACT is a boutique academy that aims to be an incubator of ICONS. We will provide the highest standards in all aspects of musical theatre & entertainment arts in a dynamic, exciting and professional setup. Founded by acclaimed producer, actor and arts advocate Tiara Jacquelina, ENACT is staffed by the most passionate & highly-experienced local and international talents, who share Enfiniti’s vision of shaping the future of the Malaysian Arts Industry by continuously producing the highest caliber of artistes, performers & entertainers, who will be ready for a career anywhere in the world.

ENACT is wholly owned and supported by Enfiniti Vision Media, the leader in musical theatre in Malaysia, hit producer of the country’s most successful musicals of all time, Puteri Gunung Ledang and P. Ramlee.

About Enfiniti Vision Media
ENFINITI VISION MEDIA SDN. BHD., is a significant contributor to the Malaysian arts and entertainment scene. The company was established by award-winning actress, producer, and arts advocate Tiara Jacquelina, as an expansion of KIT KAT KLUB Entertainment (M) Sdn. Bhd. And TEN On TEN Pictures Sdn. Bhd. In 2004, Enfiniti went on to produce Malaysia’s biggest budget movie, Puteri Gunung Ledang which was the first Malaysian film to be shortlisted for an Oscar, and won numerous local and international awards. Subsequently the movie was adapted into the award- winning musical. Puteri Gunung Ledang and P. Ramlee the Musical have since solidified Enfiniti Vision Media as the leader in the Malaysian musical theatre industry.


Michael Xavier Voon Subject: Musical Theatre Dance “The greatest opportunities are in the shared celebrations of the performing arts with these bright-eyed ENACT participants. Witnessing a growth in their passion, intellectual rigour and pure stamina by way of their expression of themselves, is nothing short of thrilling. With skills, academia and practicum, ENACT can lead in this vital importance of embracing and acknowledging life. I am sure ENACT has kick-started a future career enhancement for them. May their sum of experiences in this stage, blossom to many “on-stages” to come! This graduating class of STARS are mighty marvelous!”

Ann Tan Subject: Subject: Ballet, Jazz & Theatre Dance Participants have worked hard and shown lots of enthusiasm in the dance segment program. The advice I would like to share is especially for someone who WANTS to shine and really improve, is to have strong determination and drive PLUS lots of hard-work and the correct positive attitude. With these factors in mind, being on stage and performing as a STAR can become a reality. Don’t give up, just do it!

Raymond Miranda Subject: Musical Theatre Appreciation & History “When I see these students I am so excited about the future of musical theatre in Malaysia. There’s so much potential in them. At ENACT and ENFINITI we are committed to finding ways to support this potential; through the academy, through our musicals, and through the new and innovative content we continue to develop so that these young people can sustain themselves as artists if they choose to pursue it professionally. And I am confident that some of them will.”

Joanna Bessey Subject: Acting Technique; Theatre Etiquette and Professionalism ” I am extremely excited about training and encouraging our new and young Malaysian talents and our current Starmaker Bootcamp students have been exceptional and have such a good attitude. I am sure they are going to be a great asset to our growing Performing Arts industry and this is a step in the right direction in creating world-class talent who are home-grown in Malaysia.”

Junji Delfino
Subject: Vocal Technique & Singing

“The last 5 weekends of the Starmaker Bootcamp have been nothing short of fulfilling & inspiring for me. Some of the students were initially shy but over the course they have slowly crawled out their shells and are now more willing to try out new things. Some of the students have even stretched it further by making suggestions as to how to make certain things work better. To see these breed of youngsters coming week after week with sheer determination and drive gives me hope for the future of the Malaysian musical theatre industry. And what began as a journey by a group of strangers is coming to an end, albeit as friends. Kudos to the team at ENACT, led by Tiara, for initiating this idea and to the amazing team of teachers who have given of their time and their advice from their years of invaluable experience.”

Zalfian Fauzi
Subject: Text Analysis & Character Development; Acting Technique

Taking that first step to become a Performer is never easy; you are putting yourself out there for all to see and scrutinise. When you are young, the pressure can be even greater and more intimidating. This is where Enfiniti’s ENACT Academy comes in. Workshops such as this one- of-a-kind “STARMAKER Musical Theatre Bootcamp” course gives budding stars the rare opportunity to learn about all aspects of performing; be it in singing, acting or dancing. Through a strong curriculum and dedicated mission, the aim is to develop their skills and more importantly their confidence to express themselves on stage with the support and guidance from a unique team of experienced teachers. I believe that training in the arts is absolutely essential; one cannot bank on talent alone. The academy, therefore, is a great asset to the performing arts industry of Malaysia and will soon establish itself as the hub of theatrical activity. It is hoped that this will be a centre that will discover and propel the career of future stars of Malaysia.

Pat Ibrahim
Subject: Musical Theatre Dance

The life in the theatre is a special one. It is a life full of play and dreams. I often tell budding performers that it is a privilege to be able to do ‘your thing’ in front of a live audience. This is a privilege that can only be earned through dedication and passion. As a dancer, I have had that privilege to perform live and experience that single moment when you bare your soul for the world to see. That single moment is indescribable and it is a moment of connection with the audience. It is an exceptional moment that every performer thrives on. As a teacher with ENACT, I am now able to share with my students the thrill of that single moment.

The past 5 weekends, the students have been given an intensive insight and training into dance for musical theatre. They have experienced the energy, discipline and hopefully their love for the stage has grown. I hope this experience is the start of a journey for them to realize their hidden potential and to pursue their dreams as performers.

I applaud ENACT for the initiation of this academy and to all the dedicated teachers who have taught the graduating class for these 5 weekends. I applaud the graduating class today for their sheer dedication and commitment to completing and thriving through the course. You have taken your first steps into the wonderful life on stage which is full of love and magic! I extend a big thank to Tiara for having dared to dream up ENACT and to realize this dream today.


Joanna Bessey (Course Director): When I first started as a young actor, there weren’t any serious acting classes for me to go to, but I was lucky enough to be able to study in the UK and in Los Angeles. So even though I have been successful in my own career, I’ve always felt it was important to give back and share my knowledge. Hence I’m very excited about this new academy because creating a new generation of performers for the entertainment industry is something I’ve always been passionate about.

Raymond Miranda (Group VP of Content & Strategy): Musical theatre is the fastest growing art form in Malaysia today. There is an increasing demand for such an art form, creating a need for trained performers. Performing arts courses will introduce a solid foundation for performers to build their performances on and simultaneously increasing the quality of the industry.

Pat Ibrahim (Dance Tutor): Musical theatre is in its infancy now. This is the best opportunity for budding triple threats to ride the wave that Enfiniti has created. To sustain the musical theatre industry, practitioners have to be equipped and trained in acting, singing and dancing. Also, there is an increasing number of young people who are interested in this industry and who better to pass on industry skills than Enfiniti, a veteran in the entertainment arts industry.

Suhaili Micheline (Dance Tutor): There are many undiscovered talents in this country and many of them yearn to grace the stage. With performing arts courses, the industry will be able to identify potential talents and prepare them for the industry. Also, these courses will create a platform of discovery for those who never had the chance to be educated in this industry

Joanna Bessey: I focused on acting technique, which is important because when one has technique, one knows how to repeat a great performance every time and it is not left to luck. I will also be teaching stage presence and professionalism in the theatre which are important factors in becoming a star.

Raymond Miranda: An overview of the global history of the art form helps students see how musicals have revolved over time. Though many are interested in the industry, few have history to back them up. Studying the history behind musical theatre, or any form in the performing arts, will expose students to the men and women who have helped mold the industry to what it is today. This can also create an appreciation and respect for such an art form.

Pat Ibrahim: I’ll focus on rhythm interpretation and phrasing in movements. Many people mistake dance as simply moving to the beat, but behind that, there is also rhythm and phrasing that dancers need to be constantly aware of. Rhythm creates a myriad of emotional journeys for the audiences and phrasing makes these emotional journeys clearer. Both rhythm and phrasing go hand-in-hand, and these are the fundamental techniques that propel audiences into an unforgettable experience.

Suhaili Micheline: I focus on the importance of safe dance practice, showmanship and various basic dance techniques. What most people see is the choreography, but to be able to pull them off, dancers have to learn take care of their own bodies. Every choreography has a certain level of technique and showmanship that comes with it and I will be introducing the students to these fundamentals of dance.

Written by Budiey

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