Idris Elba: Fighter Hitting Your Screens

The much a​nticipated Idris Elba: Fighter will be premiering is this Sunday, 29 January, 9pm on Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551).

In conjunction with the premiere​, which airs on the second day of Chinese New Year, ​here’s the ​official trailer for Idris Elba: Fighter​:​ as well as an Instagram shot that you may use on your social media platforms.​

Series Description
Shot in UK, Cuba, Japan, South Africa and Thailand, the​ ​three-part documentary​ ​series will discover Idris Elba’s​ ​lifelong ambition as a professional fighter, pushing himself to​ ​the limit, overcoming pain and fear while mastering​ ​specialized​ ​techniques and skills to ensure both his body and​ ​m​​ind are fit. He will be receiving mentorship from former​ ​world champions, trainers and coaches to​ ​incorporate​ ​unorthodox training methods to increase his chances for the​ ​main event. The​ ​series will also feature his first no-holds-barred competition against a seasoned brawler.

Written by Budiey

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