I Survived Beyond And Back

I Survived… Beyond And Back

Premieres 10 February 2011, Thursday @ 11pm


I SURVIVED . . . BEYOND AND BACK profiles the extraordinary stories of people who have literally died (flatlined) and come back to life. They tell their amazing stories with such intimacy and honesty, we feel as though we are there with them through the experience.

This program combines the compelling first-person storytelling of I SURVIVED with the unexplained elements of our paranormal programming. The stories are all emotionally gripping and relatable. In addition to the first person interviews with the survivors, ‘Beyond and Back’ includes the testimony of medical personnel and family members who were present at the moment of death and can verify the authenticity of the survivors experience.

I Survived... Beyond and back

Episode 1, 10 Feb
A woman is swept from a kayak and trapped under a rock until she drowns and a man shot dead in a drive-by shooting experiences the horror of hell before a mysterious hand lifts him to safety…

Episode 2, 17 Feb
A man is a vicitm of a vicious gang shooting being shot in the heart, an AIDS victim crosses over and then is given a choice to stay with her daughter, and a man suffers a fatal heart attack and is declared dead for 15 minutes and then is brough back to life by a quick thinking doctor.

Episode 3, 24 Feb
A woman, who has drowned in her own blood after a car accident, finds herself in the presence of God; a pest control salesman, electrocuted by a 110 volt wire, miraculously survives the massive jolt… and a heart attack victim lives to tell of his experience in the afterlife. All three people’s lives are changed forever.

This program is available in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese subtitles.

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