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Stay Cool & Hip with the Huawei X Gentle Monster Smart Eyewear

Huawei announced that its first ever Smart Eyewear, the Huawei X Gentle Monster is now available in Malaysia.

The result of a collaboration with Gentle Monster, a sunglasses and optical glasses brand from South Korea, the Huawei X Gentle Monster is more than just a stylish eyewear – it’s made to accompany the everyday user’s fashionable lifestyle, from entertainment to communication. The wearer can enjoy music while still being aware of their surroundings!

Its inbuilt intelligence features dual speakers with a semi-open design combined with directional sound beams. This allows the Huawei X Gentle Monster wearer to immerse in a world of audio while minimising sound leaks. With this eyewear, users can even have an epic, happening party anywhere with friends, including at home without the neighbours calling the police on them for noise complaints!

Gentle Monster X Huawei_Sunglass Case_Front

Besides the dual speakers, the Huawei X Gentle Monster also comes with dual microphones on each slim temple of the glasses. Thanks to its AI speech noise-reduction technology, calls that are made by the user will be heard with clarity, akin to bringing to life James Bond’s cool gadgets made by Q- branch.

Gentle Monster X Huawei_Sunglass Case_Bottom

The smart eyewear is made even more stylish for the fashion conscious, with the unique Huawei X Gentle Monster casing made of fine white leather that houses a wireless charger. It automatically charges the Huawei X Gentle Monster eyewear whenever it is slotted in for safekeeping. The casing has an 8-hour battery life when fully charged while the Huawei X Gentle Monster smart eyewear comes built with an 85mAh battery that can last up to 2.5 hours of playback or up to 20 hours on standby in one charge.

Gentle Monster X Huawei_Sunglass Case_Inside

The Huawei X Gentle Monster comes in two different designs, the SMART JACKBYE-01 and the SMART EASTMOON-01. The smart eyewear also comes with IP67-rated splash, water and dust resistance, keeping the smart eyewear safe and in tiptop condition even when it starts to rain.

Gentle Monster X Huawei_Front

The Huawei X Gentle Monster priced at RM1,599 can be purchased at all Huawei Experience stores, Huawei official retail stores and Huawei’s online stores nationwide.

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Gentle Monster X Huawei_Right

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