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Hong Kong Blockbuster Action Movie LINE WALKER 2 INVISIBLE SPY

Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Francis Ng Chun Yu Character Poster Revealed

Produced by Virginia Lok and Andrew Lau, ‘LINE WALKER 2 INVISIBLE SPY’ is directedby Jazz Boon – the same Director of the Line Walker drama series, with Chin Ka Lok as Action Director. The movie starred Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Francis Ng Chun Yu and many more. In conjunction with the release of ‘LINE WALKER 2 INVISIBLE SPY’ in exactly 1 month, the character poster of the three lead actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Francis Ng Chun Yu were revealed for the first time. The character posters feature the intensity reflected in the eyes of the characters with hints of the action packed movie with bullet shots like arrow across the posters in preparation for the showdown in the “spy war” that the audiences are eagerly awaiting.

Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy

‘Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy’ Brings The Battle Scene Internationally

‘LINE WALKER 2 INVISIBLE SPY’ maintains the 3 key elements as its predecessors – vigilance, undercover and brotherhood. With new characters and story expanding internationally, the investigation into the spy world takes you on the heart pumping journey to justice and overcome betrayal with ultimate sacrifice.


Following up from the 2016 Line Walker The Movie where the key action scene were shot with Brazil drug as background story, for ‘LINE WALKER 2 INVISIBLE SPY’ the action scenes has risen to the next level to bring more intense action scenes with richer story telling. The production team went to Myanmar and Spain to shoot the action sequences to feature more variation of action scenes and danger that can be comparable to Hollywoodscale.

Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy

‘LINE WALKER 2 INVISIBLE SPY’ is the first movie to be filmed in Myanmar with the full support from thegovernment. With cooperation from Myanmar military and police force, the production team is able to featuresome of the bigger action scenes with Myanmar’s cultural background.

The movie features a lot of other actionscenes including Spain’s colourful and unique ‘Bull Run Festival’ that is spontaneous and highly dangerous to give more dynamic to the action sequences. Viewers will also see terrorist attack actions in the background of modern city Hong Kong to give diversity and surprises.

‘LINE WALKER 2 INVISIBLE SPY’ distributed by Lotus Five Star with marketing partner RAM Entertainment will be coming to Malaysia cinemas 8th August 2019.

In conjunction with the release of the movie, Lotus Five Star has confirmed the appearances of lead actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Louis Koo Tin Lok in Malaysia to promote the movie on 7th August 2019 with the one and only public meet and greet session 7.30pm at the Main Entrance of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Do not miss this opportunity to meet casts in person and stay tune for more details.

Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy


A frightening car crash in downtown Hong Kong sparks a war between the local police and the international criminal organizations.

Superintendent Yip (Francis Ng) and Inspector Ching (Nick Cheung) from the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (Anti-Terrorist) have arrested a female hacker named Yiu for the accident. But Superintendent Cheng (Louis Koo) of the Security Division is suspicious of Yip and Ching. Cheng requests the Commissioner of Police to remove both of them from the investigation.

Meanwhile, vital clues on the case led them to the far foreign soil of Myanmar and Spain, where Cheng and Ching are forced to work together but not enough to put aside theirconflicting ideas. On the other hand Yip just can’t trust either one of them as he himself is being watched by theCommissioner, who suspect Yip is covering up evidences of crimes.

The Commissioner believes that there are been moles in their midst and with the on-going investigation based on Yiu’s statements makes it more difficulton who to trust.

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