Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur Welcomes Babies Born 12.12.12


~ Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur welcomes babies born on the last triple date of the century (12/12/12) ~

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll expecting parents wait to hear the first cry of their newborn but nothing will beat the experience of hearing that very first ‘cry’ on a memorable date of 12/12/12.

[pullquote align=”right”]The baby was born after 3 hours of labour to the welcoming arms of her loving mother.[/pullquote]

Here at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, Madam Elaine Salmi Randolph, 37 and Adrian Calderon Rodriguez shared that wonderful moment as they welcomed their newborn girl into this world at 3:26 am.

Both mother and baby are doing well and the parents are really excited to bring their newborn back home and celebrate with family and friends.

Adeline Abdul Ghani, Assistant Manager, Public Relations and Communications of GKL said:

“There is a lot of excitement for parents who are expecting their babies around December 12. As of 3.00pm today, there are altogether 14 babies delivered and we are expecting another 4 or more babies to be delivered before 11.59pm today.”

The maternity teams at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur emphasis quality care for all women and their families with highly skilled and professional midwifery teams. The maternity team worked closely with the doctors with the sole aim to offer a positive pregnancy and birth experience.

With the best wishes of Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, all families of the wonderful newborns will receive baby gift baskets. On top of that, the loving mothers will also receive a bouquet of 12 roses to celebrate their safe delivery.

“Many hoped to deliver their babies on this memorable day and we are happy that the delivery process went well according to their wishes. Despite the demands from parents to have their babies delivered on this very day, we had to be cautious and ensure that the delivery period and processes are safe and medically supervised” added Adeline.

For more information about Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur and their services, please visit or call, 03-4141 3000.

Gleneagles, Kuala Lumpur, Welcomes, Babies Born, 12.12.12

About Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

Founded in 1996, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur (GKL) is now a subsidiary of Pantai Holdings Berhad. Serving the medical and healthcare needs of local and international patients, GKL comprises of a 330-bed, tertiary care hospital and a Medical Office Building which accommodates the 110 specialist consulting suites which houses specialist consultants for outpatient care.

Maintaining its reputation as a world-class healthcare service provider, GKL is governed by their commitment to deliver safe, quality healthcare services through a professional team who is dedicated in observing the healthcare interests of patients and best practices.

The GKL team of qualified, professional and experienced doctors adheres to the highest ISO standards of quality in addressing the medical needs and care of their patients. GKL is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), Malaysian Society of Quality in Health (MSQH) and ISO 9001:2000 certified.

GKL has been awarded the ‘Health Industry Recognition Award’ by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Amongst it’s other recognition and accolades, it is also recognized as the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ in the Hospital Category by Reader’s Digest for the years of 2007 and 2011.

In line their governing pillars of compassion, GKL has been known to contribute to the interests of society with a variety of community programmes and initiatives. The most notable annual initiatives include, ‘A Heart for A Heart Programme’ (a joint charity programme with The News Straits Times Charity Unit which bridges the plight of families with children of congenital heart defects with the funding and treatment that they need) and the ‘Women’s Wellbeing Tea Talks’ (a women’s support group which provide women of all walks an avenue for emotional support, information and experience sharing).

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