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Entering the Kuala Lumpur retail industry by stepping foot at Red Army Malaysia and also other selected retailers, a Zurich based watch company, Sevenfriday, introducing an interesting silhouette for modern wrist watches – one that embodies utilitarian and functionality in an interface that is complex and industrial in design.

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Thinking Outside the Box Sevenfriday arrives on our shores

“We wished to create something that represents quality craftsmanship, a high perceived value and yet still affordable to most,” says Sevenfriday founder Dan Niederer. “I think the appeal of a good design is that it should not be explained too much. It’s hard to be original these days, given that nearly everything has been done before, but I believe that we created very interesting design language that is inspired by industry.”

“It just made a lot of sense that Sevenfriday should have a brand presence in Malaysia,” explains Soemantri Kusumadi director of TWB Marketing Sdn Bhd a local distributor. “It’s has a roster of very fascinating timepieces that will continue to be relevant even in the future.”

As the exquisite watch draws a face that comprises of five layers, housing an automatic movement is made just a little more perplexing with rotating disc with miniature protrusions that double as the hour and minute hands, with the interface integrating the unique hands, touches of colours, applied indexes and engraved reference that requires 11 applications coming together as a whole. “I wanted a watch that isn’t classed as a classic or a sports watch,” elaborates Niederer. “Why buy a watch and just put in a drawer? Quite self-explanatory, its ‘Seven Days a Week it’s Friday’. Or rather, in Latin ‘Carpe diem’, meaning ‘Seize the Day’ and to savour and enjoy life everyday with the perfect timepiece.”

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Indeed, the elements that had influenced the design process comprises of:

1) Industrial
2) Architecture
3) Engines
4) Design Icons

Merely, the construction is a seamless amalgamation of the time-telling interface with its case (ie. box). The case that houses the completeness, on the other hand, is made of stainless steel and combines aesthetics of a playful animation ring made of sturdy aluminum that does not negate the need for maximum protection of the watch’s vital organs – it nevertheless is gleefully haptic and fascinating in its visual application. If an individual’s desire is to stand out fashionably among the sartorial hoi polloi, this exciting new conversation pieces are might be just up their alley. Hitching up one’s sleeve to check the time has rarely been more discretely satisfying.
Plucky New Entry

After the successful launch of P1 and P2, SEVENFRIDAY is now proudly presenting its third model, the P3. Subsequently, the P1 found its stimulation in the universe of “industrial essence”, the P2 spur on the one of an “industrial revolution”, and now, the P3 inspires itself from a third industrial creation; “industrial engines”.

Fast, dynamic and powerful represents P3 itself. Influenced by the practical boldness of the coffee racer SEVENFRIDAY went about forming the latest model. In a visual contrast to the box and interface – which are all in a different shades of black and dark grey – the signal-red enhances on the dial.

The haptic experience is enhanced by the animation ring which rigouts a motorbike’s tire including the profile and material. It embraces the P3 with a PVD coated stainless steel case.

SEVENFRIDAY’s watches consist of two integral elements – the Box and the Interface. The box is made of a stainless steel, multifaceted built and a protecting casing. The shape and style lies between modernity and classic that creates an exciting atmosphere. The case is surrounded by the animation ring made of different material to cater the haptic and visual senses of the respective product. The Interface entails of hands, discs, dial and movement. The indicators are designed and arranged in way to bring the complexity of the movement to the surface. The dial alone is made of 5 separate pieces / layers with eleven different applications. The diverse edifice attracts the wearer by making the time glace anew.

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