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Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam Unveil CAVE ME IN

Grammy®-nominated artist Gallant presents a new single, Cave Me In in collaboration with Asia’s superstar artists Tablo (from EPIK HIGH) and Eric Nam via Warner Bros./Mind Of A Genius.

Cave Me In, is a true organic collaboration of three artists from different sides of the world. What started off with no pressures from the business side, just pure chemistry resulted in a chilled R&B track that “has a bit of a throwback 90’s vibe but remains trendy and easy to listen to,” says Eric Nam.

Tablo adds “feelin’ blessed to be a part of this beautiful song. With my verse, I wanted to talk about the inherent double-bladed nature of love. As the title of the song implies, love is often simultaneously gentle and violent. Hope it hits close to home for ya.”

“When we all met for the first time, our energy just clicked– and that synergy manifested itself into this record,” Gallant stated. “Everything just happened so naturally,” Tablo said. “It was just jamming together between performers,” Eric said.

None of the three remember the exact date they started on this project, according to their interview with W Korea, despite the unexpected combination of individuals who come from different backgrounds and places. Since they all constantly travel the world, this song took some time to be officially released. Cave Me In turned out to be simply “a song three talented guys wanted to sing together.”


Written by Budiey

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