Fruity Lolo at Jusco Maluri

Fruity Lolo has come to Jusco Maluri!

In response to overwhelming patronage by consumers from all walks of life, the 5th outlet of Fruit Land is now open in Jusco Maluri.

Cheras Member of Parliament YB Tan Kok Wai was the guest-of-honor to conduct the official opening. Also invited to grace the occasion were local artistes Aric Ho and Celine Low.

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As a gesture of reciprocating the enthusiastic support of all, the first 100 guests who turned out on this auspicious day were each treated to a complementary bowl of the health-giving, nutritious, and low-calorie Honeydew Lolo.

Besides, a lolo competition was open for participation by all, leading to the creation of an extensive array of awe-inspiring and innovative lolo using the raw ingredients provided. In the spirit of showmanship and as the boisterous atmosphere grew to a grand finale, fabulous prizes were presented to the winners while the crowd cheered on.

FRUITY LOLO first took the market by storm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the 1900’s as a quality hot- and cold-dessert chain famous for its Fresh Fruit sago lolo and Tao Fu Fa glutinous rice-ball, bringing in an all-new and hassle-free option for dessert-lovers to enjoy their favorite fruits with health-giving, nutritious, and low-calorie attributes.

Following the introduction of Mango and Honeydew Sago Lolo as well as Black Sesame and Peanut Tong Yuan in the early 2000’s, FRUITY LOLO went on to establish itself as a well-positioned chain of Fruity Lolo and Tong Yuan Desert House.

By today, in an attempt to cater consumers with a great new taste day after day, it has successfully developed up to as many as 18 varieties of desserts.

FRUITY LOLO has now gone mobile, with outlets cropping up in strategic locations of major night markets and spots crowded with people. At the same time, with the objective of providing desert-lovers with a creative alternative to embracing a healthy eating-and-drinking culture, FRUITY LOLO has built itself as a brand name to be reckoned with following its dynamic extension program targeting at selected shopping centers.

Apart from fresh fruits and mouthwatering desserts, Fruit Land also offers a good number of delicacies to cope with varying needs. These include the favorite Malaysian dishes Nasi Lemak and Noodle Paste series, Western culinary triumphs such as Specialty Pasta , Chicken and Fish Steaks, in addition to an assortment of lip-smacking, exotic snacks to pamper the taste-buds of young and old alike. In a nutshell, FRUITY LOLO is increasingly gaining popularity as a fun-filled and relaxing place for friends, couples, and family to enjoy desserts and fine dishes.

The 6th and 7th outlets of Fruit Land are also scheduled to be open soon at AEON AU2 and De garden in Ipoh respectively amidst eager anticipation from the local consumers.

To find out more, please call 012-6033 643 or log in and

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