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New York, NY – Britney Spears announces her seventh studio album is titled Femme Fatale. The iconic global superstar’s title Femme Fatale is a tribute to bold, empowered, confident, elusive, fun, flirty women and men. It’s not a conceptual album, Spears is letting the music speak for itself. She’s worked hard on it for two years and she considers it to be her “best album to date,” true to where she is now personally and professionally.

Femme Fatale (Jive Records) is executive produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke.

Spears is peerless among her contemporaries. Throughout the years, Britney has consistently released hit after hit for over a decade, selling close to 70 million albums cumulatively worldwide.

Few artists have earned the distinction of having five No.1 debut albums, and 24 Top 40 hits. She most recently set a new one-day precedent for single sales with her current No. 1 hit song, “Hold It Against Me.” (ß Click to listen). Jonas Åkerlund shot the video for the song.

Details on the video premiere and album release date are forthcoming.

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Britney Spears will officially release her new album on March 15, and now fans know what that album will be called. Drumroll, please …

It’s called Femme Fatale. The news came Wednesday (February 2) after a flurry of teaser tweets from the pop star. “I’ve poured my heart and soul into this album over the last 2 years. I’ve put everything I have into it. This album is for you, my fans, who have always supported me and have stuck by me every step of the way! I love you all!” she wrote. “Sexy and Strong. Dangerous yet mysterious. Cool yet confident!”

She then tweeted, ” ‘FEMME FATALE’ … March ….” Spears tweeted a picture of the album cover as well. In the close-up shot, the singer, wearing little makeup and with her hair mussed, looks seductively into the camera. In December, Britney tweeted that she was busy getting her photo snapped by one very famous photographer. “Had such an amazing photo shoot with Mario Testino today,” she wrote. It’s unconfirmed whether those Testino photos were for the album art.

A press release for the title announcement dubs the album “a tribute to bold, empowered, confident, elusive, fun, flirty women and men. It’s not a conceptual album, Spears is letting the music speak for itself. She’s worked hard on it for two years and she considers it to be her ‘best album to date,’ true to where she is now personally and professionally.”

On Tuesday night, Spears teased her fans about the news, tweeting, “P.S. – Stay tuned for a big announcement from Brit tmw.”

In pop culture, femme fatales have typically been mysterious women whose seductive powers over men often lead to dangerous situations. Captured in 1940s and ’50s film noir flicks like “Gilda” and “Double Indemnity,” actresses Rita Hayworth and Barbara Stanwyck were known for playing those kinds of roles on the big screen. The Velvet Underground also captured the essence of the lady with a track of the same name sung by the group’s resident femme fatale, Nico.

The album’s lead single, “Hold It Against Me,” was quickly embraced by Spears’ fans when it was released earlier this month. It has also found love in the DJ community, with multiple remixes of the track gaining buzz.

Spears has big promotional plans for this release, including “a major TV event to launch the album” and a TV campaign, which will feature a variety of spots before the LP hits stores. The promotional rollout will extend to advertisements on everything from the Internet to the sides of taxicabs. Other marketing schemes include an “LGBT/ Lifestyle campaign,” worldwide online fan contests and routine tweets from Brit.

The pop star recently wrapped up work on her video for “Hold It Against Me.” Her choreographer, Brian Friedman, spoke to MTV News about the clip, set for release next month. “I can tell you that Britney is wearing a couple of hats in this video — not literal hats, but she’s playing roles in this video. That is what I can give you,” he explained. “In every role, she is dancing. She is going to be dancing throughout the whole video. Like I said: Dance is the focal point of this video.”

He also revealed a little about the costumes: “She’s taking fashion risks. Things we’ve never seen her wear before she’s wearing in this video, and I think it’s just very sexy and it’s a little bit playful,” he said. “She’s going to be doing something in this video that we’ve never seen her do. I’m not gonna tell you what that is, but she’s going to be sweating and she’s going to be getting bruised and battered.”

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