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Fall In Love At First Kiss Adaptasi Japanese Manga

Valentine’s movie ‘Fall In Love At First Kiss’ release its ‘All about You’ poster. Darren Wang and Lin Yun ‘girl meets boy’ romance.

Fall In Love At First Kiss is scheduled to release this Valentine’s Day, a series of posters were published with the theme ‘All about You’ In the poster, Zhi Shu portrayed by Darren Wang and Xiang Qin by Lin Yun were in their most youthful selves with an underlining love from Zhi Shu to Xiang Qin, it fills up the entire background.

The smart and handsome Zhi Shu paired with the bubbly Xiang Qin has made the poster seems so sweet.

Fall In Love At First Kiss

Fall In Love At First Kiss is the 2nd movie by the renown director of ‘Our Times’, Ms Chen Yu Shanwith Darren Wang and Lin Yun as the lead casts in this movie. The movie is an adaptation from the popular comic ‘Itazurana Kiss’ by Kaoru Tada san. The story tells how the brave young lady Xiang Qing bracing all hardship to court the handsome genius Zhi Shu in the campus days. Director Chen is known to be one of the finest director in this genre of the movie, making many fans are eagerly looking forward to this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Fall In Love At First Kiss

How is a genius scholar raised?

In order to portray the role Zhi Shu as he is seen in the comic, Darren Wang had spent a long timegoing through the entire series of this comic. One of the discoveries by Darren Wang was that Zhi Shu is a no non-sense boy and he is firm in his believes. However during the course of being tackled by Xiang Qin, Darren also realised that Zhi Shu have another side of a mischievous self, Darren assured the audience there will be surprises.

From ‘Our Times’ to ‘Fall In Love At First Kiss’, Director Chen had witnessed the transformation of

Darren, she had engaged mathematic professors to teach, guide and advise Darren so that he is ableto proficiently solves the mathematics in the movie. She even request Darren to practice it off the camera to ensure he is “the” mathematics genius. Darren also took up the hand writing lessons just so his writing look like Zhi Shu’s handwriting.

How much courage to make a girl to go after boy she likes?

Fall In Love At First Kiss

Lin Yun is totally bowled by “Yuan Xiang Qin” love courage.

Unlike Zhi Shu, the genius handsome guy, Xiang Qin is just a girl next door. For she and herpersistence and courages going after the boy she likes, Lin Yun admits that Xiang Qin is really a girl of her own. During the process in tackling Zhi Shu, she has done many crazy and silly things to win Zhi Shu’s heart. For this, Lin feels that it is the true love that makes Xiang Qin so lovable.

Sharing the same thoughts as Lin, Director Chen too admired the courage from Xiang Qin. Director Chen confessed that she has seen braveness and persistence when filming Darren and Lin. This movie is due for release Valentine’s Day, Jelly has called out to all girls that “if you have secret crush, make sure you bring him to this movie or bring your BFF to see how Xiang Qin braving all challenges to get the boy she likes.”

‘Fall In Love At First Kiss’, distributed by RAM Entertainment will be coming to Malaysia cinemas Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2019.

Fall In Love At First Kiss
Fall In Love At First Kiss
Fall In Love At First Kiss
Fall In Love At First Kiss

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