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Every day is a Goodday to Sing-Along at TGV Cinemas

Lovers of music, we have excellent news for you. TGV Cinemas and Goodday Milk have exciting plans in store for a Sing-Along-filled 2019!

Having first launched an experimental sing-along experience in 2014, the feedback from attendees was tremendous, with calls for more of the same getting far too big to ignore. The wait is over, as TGV has pledged to bring this wonderful family-centric experience back, with a lineup of movie musicals for all.

Tgv X Goodday Sing-Along

“We were exploring ways on how to deliver a tailor-made and fun-filled day out for those who embrace movie musicals, from young children belting out their favourite songs to families that are looking to create unforgettable memories.

Goodday Milk came along and swept us off our feet, with a mutual desire to be a part of something special for our patrons! It’s exciting to have them as the co-presenter for our Sing-Along activities – giving us a unique opportunity to bring something new to cinema goers. 2019 will start with the upcoming Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along, which bodes well for the rest of the year.”

– Kabir Ariff Sultan, General Managerof Marketing & Operations.

As locally-groomed brands with a passion for community-minded initiatives, TGV Cinemas and Goodday Milk find themselves in a unique position to deliver something beyond just a product or service.

This partnership presents an avenue for families with children to spend quality time over a series of exciting Sing-Along events for the year, affirming both brands’ belief inpromoting holistic experiences for all.

“Along with providing wholesome beverages, Goodday Milk always laid special emphasis on the overall well-being and development of children.

Ensuring that children spend quality time with their families is a key factor to raising a well-adjusted child and with the Sing-Along experience we want to give families the opportunity to create special moments while thoroughly enjoying themselves.

We hope that through this initiative we can put a smile on thefaces of all attending families and individuals and make their day a good day,”

– Santharuban T. Sundaram, Vice President of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd.

“Being a parent myself, I understand how precious family moments are, especially when it comes to bonding and enjoying time spent together.

We want to provide parents with options to be able to have fun with their kids from time to time.

Our sing-along screenings are here to provide a cosy and fun environment for families. We can’t wait to run more activities like this in the future,”

– Yen Ong, Head of Brand & Communications at TGV Cinemas.

The upcoming Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along is open to the public on 24 March (Sunday) at TGV Cinemas 1 Utama. Activities will start from 11.00am, with the finale being the movie screening. Tickets are available at RM35 each ticket for adults and RM25 each ticket for children.

Hosting the special screening is one of the many ways TGV Cinemas reward their patrons. The session will span three-hours long filled with fun and engaging activities including a special tea party for attending patrons before the Sing-Along commences.

The tea party will include lively mini-games, photo opportunities with special guests, including Goodday Milk’s mascot Dee Dee, a chance to sample some of Goodday Milk’s refreshing and delicious variants and agoodie bag loaded with exciting trinkets for all attendees.

TGV Cinemas aims to deliver more than just movies. From sports to music, sing-along events and even live comedy shows, TGV has offered a wide variety of content for the whole family. This year, more activities are in the pipeline to fit everyone’s entertainment needs.

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