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Engineering Bureau Officially Releases First Single Entitled “LINES”

ENGINEERING BUREAU (EB) – a concept band that blends music + visual art + technology officially released its debut single recently entitled, LINES. The track is slated to be the first release with eight more to follow in 2021. LINES was written to describe what is in effect our inherent failure as human beings as what is naturally ingrained in our brains.

A band that describes itself as ‘taking 6 years to be fully functional’, EB’s sound draws influence from 70’s arena rock, 80’s electro pop and 90’s electro-funk and industrial rock. According to Moo, who formed one third of the band, “We combine electronic and electro acoustic sounds to form the bedrock of our music. Adding to this are live instrumentation and vocals providing an emotional connection to the audience. Mediums such as visual art and technology are used to create aural-visual performances where they are tightly interlocked rhythmically and emotionally with the music”. 

EB see themselves as live artists. “The pandemic is halting not just us but a lot of other artists globally. The three of us come from the background of being live performers and that’s what we bring to the table. We take these experiences and added a multi-sensory visual narrative that is relevant to the period and the world that we currently live in – one that is increasingly enveloped by technology, which has an unpredictable impact on social and culture”, Moo explains further.

Engineering Bureau Officially Releases First Single Entitled "LINES"

The band members are masked so their identities are intentionally obscured as a signal of non-conformance to today’s social media driven demands. According to the band, this obfuscation of identity is a reflection on the state of the world where everything seems to be more and more homogenous.

“Who knew that we would be releasing this track at a time when masks are a necessary social item. And with masks on, everyone looks the same. In spite of that, and so much technology being used, all our old problems still exist particularly with regards to bias and bigotry in race, religion and sexual orientation”. 

LINES is written and produced by the band and recorded in their studio in Kuala Lumpur. EB is hoping that the vaccine for C19 will be made available soon. “We are ready. If all goes well, the visual and performance aspect of this project will begin to publicly appear at the end of May 2021”.

LINES IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL MAJOR STREAMING PLATFORMS. To access the track, please visit this link:

Follow ENGINEERING BUREAU on Instagram via @engineeringbureau 

Written by Budiey

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