Emagine Home-Grown Connected TV Service

EMAGINE, Malaysia’s 1st Home-Grown Connected TV Service
To Change How We Watch TV and Online Entertainment

Somewhat similar to Google TV and Apple TV, EMAGINE is Malaysia’s 1st, home-grown Connected TV service, powered by high speed broadband Internet, that brings a wealth of online and On-Demand entertainment to the home HDTV, minus advertisiments. It enables a more lean-back, personal, advertisiment-free and comfortable experience when watching online and on-demand videos delivered over broadband Internet to your home HDTV.

With more than 200 selected Online English and Chinese channels and the ability to easily add more; a Premium-On-Demand service starting with the region’s first-ever Karaoke-On-Demand feature with over 50,000 songs; EMAGINE Picks currated content; an in-built free Online Radio with more than 40,000 free to listen online radio stations across 25 genres and more, EMAGINE offers the best online entertainment experience on TV currently available in the market and it’s made in Malaysia!

EMAGINE is a brainchild of Select-TV, a multinational corporation with shareholders that include Malaysian Venture Capital (MAVCAP) and Intel’s global investment arm. EMAGINE comes at the right time, now that the country has over 500,000 Unifi and high-speed fibre broadband users alone, and is set to grow its user-base rapidly through the exclusive online sales partnership with Lazada, Malaysia’s premier online mall. EMAGINE is expected to spur a new ecosystem of content producers in Malaysia who will find it easier to reach their target audiences via EMAGINE Connected TV service, and the company is already working with several major content owners and providers in Malaysia to provide their content to homes over EMAGINE at a very attractive revenue share arrangement.

Written by Budiey

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