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During the festive season especially Hari Raya, when someone has no car and buses and trains are full, getting a ticket is impossible. The roads however, are packed with people driving in their cars…alone. If you’re thinking of a way to connect with someone going in the same direction, and travelling in one of those empty seats and share the costs with the driver, look no further because there’s an app here in Malaysia and it’s called Droupr.

The Made in Malaysia service started a year ago as a web-based, mobile friendly service for Malaysians to share a ride together with someone driving a car headed to the same destination. It pairs car owners about to hit the road and passengers.

The purpose of the system is to give everyone a community-based, safe travelling experience, while everyone shares the cost of travel. The system matches the available seats in cars with a real search engine. Droupr is all about using the resources in a smarter way. It is engineered to create a secure, trust-based community with declared identities and full member profiles.

Droupr, a rapidly expanding company is launching a brand new mobile app, available on both Android and iOS. The company is the first carpool platform in Malaysia to have a ‘distress signal’ button on its all-in- one app. The app sends the location to selected contact person without the need of network data, and Droupr is currently working with the authorities to enabled SOS directly to police as per request by the government.

Among the other features worth mentioning for both driver and passenger is the transparent profile section with verification up to home address. It also has seats optimisation – which allows the driver to offer all available seats. There is also a preference option to choose whether the passenger would like to travel with only man or women. It also includes a chat-like messaging system, for convenient before and after booking.

What makes the service trustworthy is the 100% money back guarantee when the driver cancels the trip, or minus fees, if the passengers cancel it (T&C apply).

Droupr is inviting Malaysians to download the app today and start using it for this coming festive season.

New and current users are entitled to RM20 discount (RM10 x 2) throughout this festive season from 12 June until 12 July. Use the code ’tongtongraya’ when making a booking. On top of that, Droupr is offering all car owners who are sharing their ride a coverage up to RM350.00 to cover the cost of tow truck in case of emergency (T&C apply)

With a hashtag meaning sharing in Malay, Droupr comes down to a pretty basic philosophy: we’re all headed the same way, so we might as well #TongTongJe!

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