Cubox Korea’s Top Celebrity Stylists

Korea’s top celebrity stylists will shop for you!

Cubox, a Korean e-commerce startup, announced today the official launch of, a website selling monthly boxes of Korea’s best fashion, beauty and lifestyle products to Southeast Asian region. Everyone who buys from Cubox in May will win a chance to fly t o Korea with a friend and experience night shopping accompanied by celebrity stylists.

Unlike other subscription boxes, Cubox will offer full products (not samples), tested and selected by Korea’s top celebrity stylists and industry specialists. Prices will be up to 40% off with free shipping.

“With much interest in Korea in Southeast Asia, we want to provide the best Korea can offer,”said Cubox CEO Han, Sun Ung. “Our goal is to offer customers 100% honest selection of Korea’s best products andthat’s why we do not accept any endorsements or sponsorship from any brands.”

All products that are included in Cubox are thoroughly researched and tested by specialists in relevant industries before making the final cut. Specialist srange from Korean celebrity stylists and make-up artists to Seoul Fashion Week modelsandprofessional designers.

Cubox will offer its products to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong first before expandingtoother countriesinAsia.

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